Sony acquired Sony's Hollywood version of "Macross" for movie creation, started to make live-action movie

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Variable fighter aircraft "Robot action" by Valkyrie, "Song by an appearing character", and "Triangular relationship" between men and women are centered on the story SF robot animation series is "MacrossIt was revealed that Sony Pictures Entertainment acquired the Hollywood live-action version of this movie.

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Sony Pictures Entertainment gained the right to make a movie, strictly speaking, robot animation aired in the United States in the 1980s "Robotech(Robotech) "live-action movie making rights. Robotech was produced by Tatsunoko Pro in Japan (formerly Productions of Dragon's child)The Super Dimension Fortress Macross"The Super Space-Time Order Southern Cross"Armor Genesis MosspidaThree SF animation titles, re-edited for the US, joined together and made into a single work.


So far, the planning of live-action film by Tobey · Maguire who produced the movie "Spiderman" played the leading character was being promoted, but this was discontinued and Warner Bros. from Sony Pictures · Entertainment has acquired this right.

It is now clear that,Inmotals - Battle of the gods -Ya300 He served as a producer atGianni NunariMr. is responsible for producing the whole movie,Mark · CantonIt is only the point that he is in charge of screenplay. Three people, Mr. Doug Beograd, Mr. Michael de Luca and Mr. Matthew Meehram, will participate in Robotec's live-action movie project from Sony Pictures entertainment side.

Mr. De Luca commented, "We are very excited about the project with the two of Mark and Gianni, they are all very excited." Mr. Nunari said, "When I gained the rights of Robotech I jumped unexpectedly. Mark and I know what kinds of movies are required in today's market, "insane images" and "powerful themes." Characters appearing in Robotech are destructive and salvation We are fighting with the power of technology, which is exactly what we can communicate with today, "he says of his enthusiasm for real life.

Robotech is a work different from Japanese macross series etc. Several sequels have been released in the United States, and a completely new work such as "Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles" etc. is also released. In addition, "Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles" is released on YouTube for free, and it can be viewed from the following.

Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles (English Version Full) - YouTube

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