It turns out that if you put "virtual nose" it will stop 3D sickness

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First Person Shooter GameA phenomenon similar to motion sickness that occurs when playing FPS (FPS) or using a drive simulator in a driving school,3D sickness"is. Even F1 drivers suffer from 3D sickness of Drive SimulatorFrom the words of former Formula 1 world champion Michael SchumacherAlthough it is obvious, as an effective way to reduce this 3D sickness "Virtual noseThere is a method called putting.

Purdue News - 'Virtual nose' may reduce simulator sickness in video games

Speaking of representative of "VR headset"Oculus RiftBut, other than Sony'sMorpheusOr, Microsoft'sMicrosoft HoloLens, Oculus and Samsung jointly developedSamsung Gear VR Innovator EditionThere are various things such as.

What haunts such a VR headset is "3D sickness" that causes dizziness and nausea. This is not limited to VR headsets, it is a symptom that occurs when playing FPS or watching 3D video that moves hard on a big screen.

This 3D sickness governs the touch of the whole bodySomatosensory sensationIt is a symptom caused by various human biological systems such as the system, the vestibular system which is deeply involved with equilibrium sensation, the eye movement system which controls movement of the eyeball, it is possible to relieve the symptom with a little ingenuity by Paydu University David · It is clarified by investigation by Mr. Whitting Hill.

BySergey Galyonkin

"3D sickness is a very common symptom.The human perception system is weak against the phenomenon" body movement and visual movement is not accompanied ", and if the body does not move at all although the visual movement is intense, The vestibular system will cause 3D sickness, "David says.

According to a research team led by Mr. David, 3D sickness became apparent when its display was fixed on the screen, its symptoms weakened. For example, in a game, if the instrument panel of a racing car and the cockpit of an airplane are always fixedly displayed on the screen, the symptoms of 3D sickness are alleviated.

However, you can not display cockpits in all games. So one of the research teams came up with displaying "virtual nose" in the middle of the display. About this proposal Mr. David commented "It was exactly a genius idea."

ByPaul Vallejo

How much "virtual nose" can suppress 3D sickness was held in March 2015Game Developers ConferenceInvestigation is being carried out within the venue of The survey content was asked by 41 subjects wearing a VR headset and images with intense motion (roller coaster) and images not so (Tuscany) To have you view two types of. Of course, I did not just watch the video, half of the subjects went to the version with the "virtual nose" attached in the center of the screen, the other half watched the normal versions without "virtual nose" I am doing it.

The image of the roller coaster of the version with "virtual nose" is as follows. The skin color object at the bottom center of the screen is "virtual nose".

In the survey, we asked two VCR headsets to watch the two types of videos and we measured the time until they felt sick (3D drunk), and when we displayed "virtual nose", I felt sick after listening to Tuscany The average time to get worse increased by an average of 94.2 seconds and the subjects who watched the image of the roller coaster also got 2.2 seconds longer on average than the subjects watched without "virtual nose" It turned out to be.

Although the image of the roller coaster has been on average for only 2.2 seconds and it is not easy to grasp how much it is effective, Mr. David said "Although the image of the roller coaster is short in time, it turns round and round It is a very intense picture with violently moving upside down or becoming upside down, so it is a subject that can not be seen for a long time. "

Also, it was surprisingly found that subjects who viewed the video with the "virtual nose" displayed did not notice the existence of "virtual nose", they were informed of their existence Even after that, he said he showed a skeptical reaction as "Is such a thing really displayed?"

ByGlobal Panorama

Although the mechanism by which "virtual nose" relaxes the symptoms of 3D sickness is not yet clarified at present, its effect is obvious, and its effect is exerted particularly strongly in the case of not much movement People suffering from 3D sickness may try setting up "virtual nose" of their own petapeta on the screen.

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