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"Cartoonist Fumiya's" himeo no ru "known as a work such as" Ina middle table tennis department "" Himizu "etc. will be live-action movie. Although it seems there was also an opinion that contents which serial continuous murderer who thinks only as a target are not real live may be difficult, but it is "aiming for complete movie". Starring is Takeshi Morita of V6, directed by Keisuke Yoshida of "Saji no Saji". The movie will be released in 2016.

Mr. Takeshi Morita's comment on Morita Shoichi's role is as follows.

I read the original after I got a story. The place where human beings are drawn firmly is very easy to read and interesting.
I can not sympathize at all I feel that it is difficult to understand in the middle just by speaking with Mr. Yoshida on making role for this time. I would like to crank in, understanding Morita Shoichi's past and why I became such a person. There may be so-called bad people but there are some reasons in their past?
I would like to aim for a human-made smell work that the heat stuck by cast and staff is transmitted firmly.

And this is from Yoshida Keisuke's comment.

It seems like a dream to be able to oversee Mr. Furuya's manga which was a bible since high school student. Dos I want to finish it in a good movie with a poor balance in a good sense, full of blackness. I would like Mr. Morita to express the feeling that "it is normal but not normal". Although it is a difficult order, I think Morita will answer.

A comment has been gathered from the original author, Kuriya Furuya.

I am very appreciative. Mr. Morita, thank you.

© Minoru Furuya, Kodansha / 2016 "Himeano-ru" Production Committee
© Minoru Furuya / Kodansha

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Mr. Lee Kuan Yew was born in 1923 in a wealthy merchant's house in Singapore, a British colony. I spent my youth under Japanese occupation during the Second World War, after studying in the UK after studying in the UK and going to the political world after going through a lawyer.
After winning autonomy right from the United Kingdom in 1959, it was elected at the age of 35 at the first election and it became the prime minister of the ruling camp. Under the guidance of Mr. Lee, Singapore merged with the Malaya Commonwealth in 1963 and Malaysia is formed.
However, in Singapore there are many Chinese residents, Malaysia as a whole occupies a large number of Malay residents, and in 1965 they are forced to independence from ethnic policy differences, Mr. Lee will tears at a press conference.
Since the population of Singapore at that time was 1.8 million, there were no natural resources, and even water was a country that relied on imports, Mr. Lee raised economic growth as a top priority, and under the thorough realism, he was commanded at the spirit of nation-building I will. We invited capital and technology from the United States and Japan etc., promoted industrialization by establishing infrastructure such as harbor, electric power and industrial park led by the government.
In addition, Mr. Lee has set up an educational system to train elite bureaucrats such as selecting "capable talented people since childhood as" human resources are the resources "and promoting overseas study with scholarships. In addition, we actively attracted enterprises and talent from foreign countries through various incentives to grow Singapore as a base for trade and finance in Southeast Asia, and established the foundation of the current growth model.
Meanwhile, Mr. Li said that political stability is essential for economic growth, domestic policy took a strong power policy such as strictly controlling the speech, appealing with criticism against defamation Weakened the opposition forces and established a de facto one-party rule of the ruling party "People's Action Party" that was created by himself.
Mr. Lee frequently visited Japan and praised high labor motivation, technical strength, productivity, deepened exchanges with Japanese politicians and business circles, and worked to strengthen relations between the two countries.

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· · · It was contents which only disgusting at all.

Naturally, I was told nothing about such contents.

To tell the truth, I have never seen a program that I have appeared.
(Excluding news programs on the evening of the day when a press conference was held after judgment)

However, regarding this time, I heard that it is too bad content,
In order to check firmly, I also saw while fighting with nausea.

I feel that vulgarity is a word for these programs.

ProbablyThis programIt is said that it is not.

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(PDF file)Origin of Kyoto Maizuru "Original grueling croquette" released on Tuesday, March 24 (PDF: 267 KB)

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