I tried crispy & fluffy fried French toast with "R-FRITTERS"

We are offering a new French toast that multiplied "rice flour" x "French toast" x "fried bread" from Wednesday, February 25, 2015R-FRITTERS (Earl Fritters)"is. In fact, I actually went to a shop to eat what "Fried French toast" would taste like.


The address of R-FRITTERS is 2-33-10 Kitazawa Setagaya-ku, Tokyo. It is 3 minutes on foot from Keio Inokashira Line, Shimokitazawa Station North Exit of Odakyu Line.

So I found R - FRITTERS. It is a small and stylish cafe.

I entered the store immediately. There are two tables in the shop ... ...

There is also a stand that can be eaten with sasa.

On the other side of the stand, on the counter side, various French toasts that have been fried are lined up. So it's okay to see the real thing before ordering.

Fried fried rice with rice flour 6 kinds of French toast. One type is sold out, but "plain + maple syrup" "green tea + black nectar flour" "chocolate + raspberry jam" ... ...

In addition to "Hakusaku + lemon marmalade", it is a lineup of "tomato + basil", "cheese + honey" of the general formula series. The part of "+ ○ ○" refers to the source to which each is attached.

Both orders are accepted at the counter both inside and outside of the store.

The menu looks something like this, the drink not only coffee and juice like cafe menu,COEDOWe also dealt with premium beer. This time I ordered "plain + maple syrup" (496 yen including tax), "chocolate + raspberry jam" (540 yen including tax) as a recommendation of a clerk. Takeaway is the main shop, but this time to eat inside the shop.

When I was looking inside the store while waiting for the ordered menu to come out, it was said that the old pillars were designed to remain, and interior decoration was also pretty tasteful.

Order goods arrived after 5 minutes.

Compared with iPhone 5s. It is cut into 4 pieces, and the size that one piece can be eaten as much as a lid opening.

First of all we will eat from "plain + maple syrup".

First of all, it is crisp when trying a fork on the fryed surface. Although it seems to be able to enjoy a hard texture ... ...

Meanwhile, the bread in the middle is soaked in egg solution to the middle and fluffy.

When you eat, the scent of maple syrup and butter spreads, and junior and sweetness spread in your mouth. It is fried French toast which you can enjoy crispy and fluffy texture, but rice flour seems to be finished in a healthy mouthfeel because the absorption rate of oil is lower than wheat flour.

Continue to 'Chocolate + Raspberry Jam'.

The outside is crispy like the plain, but the fragrance of chocolate is felt firmly and since the jam is attached, you can enjoy a different taste from plain.

Especially the bread in the bread was unique and the fluffy plain, the bread in the chocolate was moist like the chocolate mousse like moist. This is because the egg solution differs one by one, and the sweetness modest chocolate feels like eating just right with a jam.

In addition, although I visited after lunch, I only used rice flour, even if it looks small, it was a satisfactory volume feeling with 2 items. Fried rice flour fried French toast is brought home and it can be eaten without changing the texture even if it is warmed up, so if you come to the vicinity of Shimokitazawa you buy a souvenir as well. Business hours are from 11 o'clock to 20 o'clock, but it will end as soon as it is sold out, so it seems better to call you before you go to the shop.

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