Possibility of iPhone's theft prevention measures becoming "thief's face photography" or "position information transmission" in the power off state

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"One in ten people has been stolen with a smartphoneSo, theft cases of smartphones are occurring frequently around the world. Meanwhile, if you look at the technology patent pending by Apple, it will become apparent why you are thinking about anti-theft measures for iPhone.

Future Apple Inc. iPhones May Photograph Thieves, Even When Turned Off

Technology patented by Apple is published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office in January 2015. According to published information, the patent pending technology seems to be able to send position information and take pictures even when the iPhone is turned off. The title of this patent application is "Apparatus and Method for Determining a Wireless Device's Location after Shutdown" (equipment and technology for measuring the position of a powered off wireless device).

If location information can be obtained even if the iPhone is turned off, Apple's offering "Find iPhone"Services like this will be more powerful. Also, if you can shoot the surrounding photos even when the power is off, you can put thief's face and clothes in the photo even if the iPhone is stolen, and your terminal will come back at hand It is thought that it will lead to the suppression of the act of increasing the probability or "stealing the iPhone".

It is reported that these security features may be executed, such as when a terminal is locked by entering an incorrect passcodeInternational Business Times.

Apple has several security features to prevent iPhone from being stolen. Apple's offering "Find an iPhone" or "Activation lock"Is one of those functions. "Activation Lock" means trying to turn off "Search for iPhone" from devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, trying to erase data on the device, trying to initialize and use Apple ID And you will be prompted to enter the password. In other words, it will be difficult for others to use or sell devices without permission when the device is lost or stolen, unless only the password of Apple ID is broken.

Currently "Search for iPhone" can only be used with the iPhone powered on. However, if patent pending technology becomes available on the iPhone, it may become possible to track the position of the terminal even if the thief deliberately turns off the terminal or turns off the power with the battery exhausted. not.

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Many manufacturers are putting efforts into measures to prevent theft of smartphones, such as Apple · Samsung · Google · Microsoft etc. as measures against theft deterrenceKill SwitchIt is also clear that it is moving towards the introduction of the standard software for theft prevention called "theft prevention".

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