I tried "Hot Spicy Chili Tomato" with Habanero powder in collaboration with KISS

GachapinYaSlimeAlthough an unusual Chinese mankun with a motif as a motif may have been released in the past, from February 24 (Tue) Circle K Sunkus launched the American rock band "KISS"Collaborated with"Spicy chili tomato"We are re-selling it. Bamboo charcoal was incorporated and not only the appearance changed but also the ingredients had become unique red bean paste finished with habanero and tomato so I ate it.

The 40th anniversary of debut! World popular rock band "KISS" and tag! "Spicy chilly tomato" From February 24 sell at Circle K and Sunkus nationwide
(PDF file)http://www.circleksunkus.jp/file.jsp?id=23313

Arrived at Circle K Sunkus which is selling hot spicy chili tomato.

Going in front of the cashier ......

Chinese food is put.

Together with the members of KISS, spicy chili tomato was also showy appealing gaudy. I will try to purchase it.

Take it home and take it out of the bag, the spicy chili tomato is not dark, but it is about dark gray color.

There are 4 types of signs that have been designed for make-up members of KISS in Chinese bread.

There is a KISS debut 40th anniversary logo on the bedding.

When I tried to break hot spicy chili tomato, bright red bean appeared from inside. Among these red vines are tomato paste, diced cut tomatoes, onion, pepper and habanero powder.

Since it looks exhilarating, trying to eat lazily, the umami of tomato spreads in the mouth, I feel that the taste of meat is solid firmness, the spicyness gradually rushes in and the difficulty level to eat without water. The pungent habanero seems to stick into your tongue, and those who do not like spicy food are almost impossible to eat. The taste of the skin with bamboo charcoal was not much different from ordinary Chinese bean flavor.

If you eat to some extent, you will feel the umami in the back of the spicy, gradually get used to the spicy. There is no such thing as the stomach hurting or sweating after finishing eating, but it seems that it can be said that it is Chinese food which requires considerable preparedness to eat.

The hot spicy chili tomato is sold for 300 thousand pieces only, and the price is 130 yen including tax. Up to February 28 (Saturday) it is possible to buy with campaign with tax 100 yen.

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