Futoshi no meat Bam "Fuji Shiman" is Famima and I tried eating because it is limited to 1 million

FamilyMart is "Slime meatball"Hachibuchi Miku meatball"Gachapin - MuccAlthough we are selling tricky Chinese bowls that are truly looking like this, next time we will collaborate with Funtase to see what happened and what, "Fuji Shiman" on Tuesday, October 28 ) Has been released from. It is said that it is finished in Tonkotsu soy sauce flavor, but I hope to buy and eat it immediately, hoping that meat juice overflows with Buzzard.

"Funassy" to Chinese food! "Futanuman (meat alum)" released in limited quantity!
(PDF file)http://www.family.co.jp/company/news_releases/2014/141021_01.pdf

Arrived at Family Mart.

I entered the store and went to the Chinese bread corner next to the cash register.

It also appeals to sell Shimodan in the shop. It is a dish supervised by himself.

I will look at the Chinese bread stand at the side of the cash register.

Discovered Fuji Shiman (190 yen including tax) in which light blue and yellow are conspicuous. It looks curry-like, but I will try buying it in a hurry.

Looking at this way it looks like ordinary Chinese food.

However, that thing that came out inside was that one. Because it seems to me that the gaze is somewhat like a horror tick, because of its shape, Fuji Shiman makes it look like a funerary head.

Take out like this. The feeling of color and face is highly reproduced.

Fujishi 's erotic eyes and mouth are unnecessarily high in reproducibility, moreover, it is heavier and more stereoscopic than genuine, so it combines strange power.

It also had a green loose stick.

The part under Fuji Shiman is light blue as well as the fuselage of Funousei. It is not appetizing as much as the color of food, but there is no problem at all as it is preferred by Fusozy Rashi.

On the back side of the paper, design the original Chinese style futoshi.

"Bouquet of meat juice" and

"Happy birthday party!" Fukudashi commented.

Taking the laid paper and looking at it from the back looks something like this, it's too surreal.

Since I do not understand the contents, I will take a break and try to break Fuji.

Brownish bean paste appeared when cut. Pork, onions, cabbage are used as ingredients, and it is said that it was finished in a juicy, tonkotsu soy sauce flavor to make it rich and rich in flavor.

When you eat the ancient part, it is finished in tonkotsu soy flavor with pork bones and meat's delicious taste, and also has a novelty taste of fresh vegetables.Family lineage ramenIt was soaked in soy sauce with pork and vegetables with a good taste.

Part of the skin and poor color is fairly flashy, so it seems like something unusual taste and coloring fee is included and there is nothing special that changed. It is the same leather as ordinary Chinese food, but I took the ancient taste well. The price of 190 yen including tax enters a fairly high class among Chinese bakers, but maybe it is a commitment that is costly to various things besides the contents inside.

Fuji Shiman Limited selling 1 million meals at about 11,000 Family Mart stores nationwide. Those who like Funatsushi would like to buy it immediately, but rather than "meat juice pusher!" Is "a meat juice drolli!", So be careful about that area.

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