Hello Kitty meat breakout tasting trial review Kitty's face became meat bean

Chinese ingredients seasoned with soy sauce flavored with pork and onion in ingredientsHello Kitty Bunmeyman"From Circle K Sunkus, it will be released on October 16 (Tuesday) today with a limit of 1.5 million meals. It seems that it's too cute to eat it is a waste that looks a waste, so I decided to check it quickly.

(PDF file)Kitty is a meat bean! Released 1.5 million food "Hello Kitty meat" released

Arrived at Sunkus early in the morning.

We found "Hello Kitty Bunme Bun" (150 yen including tax), and it is in large quantity.

Individual differences are large in the meat bread that shaped this hand character, but this time "Hello Kitty Bunme Ban" is well shaped and looks as per the image picture.

So, buy it immediately.

When I tried out from the wrapping paper it looked like this with my whole kitty.

It stares at the unbelievable eyes.

There is also a whisker.

The part of the ribbon is well reproduced.

Hand-held Kitty. Certainly it looks pretty, it is a waste to eat ......

However, as it is still meat beans, there is no choice but to eat at the end.

As ingredients, pork and onions are put and seasoned with soy sauce flavor. That is normal meat meat.

Take your hands ... ...

I will get you. The fluffy dough impregnated with pork umami jam juice and an umbrella. When warming firmly and putting it in a state of hokuhoku, it is recommended because the flavor of meat often goes out.

There is a quiz in which the secret of Kitty is written on the bedding, and it is made to be enjoyable even after eating. Since the answer is stated in the lower person, please be careful if you want to enjoy the quiz.

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