I tried using "DR-V1HD" which can perform linear PCM recording while taking HD video with a camera rotating 180 degrees

The voice recorder is useful for recording such as recording a lecture, recording a musical instrument performance, recording the contents of an interview, etc. Although it is convenient, the voice recorder does not know the state at that time even if it is heard later There are a lot of things. So, this time it is possible to shoot a movie at the same time as the sound, and because it carries a lens with an angle adjustment function, it is easy to point the camera to the subject even though it is placed on a desk etc.DR-V1HDI actually purchased it and decided to actually use it.

Product: DR-V1HD | TASCAM

Package in which "HD VIDEO / LINEAR PCM (HD video shooting, linear PCM recording)" feature and feature of product are written boldly.

In addition to the main body, the contents are AA batteries, instruction manuals, USB cable, etc.

The main body size is vertical 131 × width 70 × thickness 28 mm, equipped with 2.4 inch (240 × 320 dot) display.

With an adult male's hand it feels like this.

Buttons used for operation are gathered at the bottom.

Since the lens at the top rotates 180 degrees, it is possible to shoot with the lens facing the subject to some extent with a certain degree of precision even when the lens is placed directly on the floor or desk without using a tripod or the like.

So, how does the lens actually rotate? It can be seen in the following movie.

PCM recorder TASCAM which can take HD images "I tried rotating the lens of DR-V1 HD by 180 degrees - YouTube

On the right side are sold separately "battery packDC IN 5V terminal, input volume control, LINE OUT terminal, MIC / LINE IN terminal are provided.

Just by turning the dial to the input volume, you can quickly set the appropriate input level according to the volume of the sound source.

There is a micro SD card slot, mini USB terminal, mini HDMI terminal on the left side.

A 2GB microSD card is included. If you record video HD (720p) audio 24 bit (STEREO) on 2GB card, it is possible to record for up to 25 minutes, and for only audio (44.1kHz) it is possible to record for up to 3 hours 09 minutes .

Maximum withstand input sound pressure 120 dB SPL with unidirectional microphone that can record without sound cracking even in the live performance of the rock band.

Upper part.

At the bottom is a strap hole and a 1/4 inch tripod mounting screw hole.

Speakers are equipped on the back.

It can be driven with 3 AA batteries, using alkaline batteries It is possible to shoot HD (720p) movies up to about 3 hours 30 minutes and to record 6 hours 30 minutes of sound (44.1 kHz, 16 bits).

The measured weight of batteries and recording media included is about 227 grams.

Size one size larger than iPhone 4S.

Audio recording format corresponds to WAV 16 bits and 24 bits.

44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 96 kHz can be selected as the sample rate. When shooting HD movies, 96 kHz can not be selected.

There are two kinds of recording size of images and movies, SD and HD.

After pressing the RECORD button on the bottom right to the standby state and pressing the RECORD button again, recording and recording start.

The situation of shooting is as follows.

In fact, use the "DR-V1HD" to check the movie you tried to shoot high-speed trains passing at high speed (1280 × 720 / 30fps) while raising the roar in front of the eyes below.

I tried shooting a train passing by with recorder "DR-V1HD" that can take HD movies - YouTube

If you set the dial of the input volume to "6", even when the train passed just beside the recorder, the sound could be recorded without being severely broken, so even if the sound source was quite loud volume You can record without it. In addition, I did shoot with merely changing the angle of the lens by placing the recorder on the ground without using a tripod etc, but since I was able to shoot with a decent composition, I can adjust the angle I was able to realize the unique advantage unique to products equipped with this product. That's why when recording live and lecture meetings, it is recommended for those who want to record images with high sound quality and firmly recorded images.

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