I tried all 6 kinds of "Asian taste canned" such as Mabo Tofu and Chicken Kebab of "Spicy Attention"

We can line canned and frozen foods, processed foods such as Chikuwa and Kamaboko a lot.Maruha NichiroFrom the fall of 2014, as a canned series of "Asian flavors" with a notice of spicy attention "Keema curry"Duck caribi"Gapao"Chicken kebab"Mabo tofu"Tandoori chicken"Has appeared. I decided to try all kinds because I felt that I was driven by mission sense without any meaning as to how much spicy it was finished.

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That is why six types of Maruha Nichiro's "Asian flavor" arranged side by side. It is a lineup that seems to become a side dish of dinner while canning, such as Mabo tofu and Dakkalbi. In the review section of the net shop, various expectations will be raised as to what kind of taste it is finished just for the Asian taste sometimes referred to as "hot" or "regret".

Characters of "spicy caution" casually written next to the can. I can hear another person's voice called "stop ... ..." in my head.

However, we can not close here later, so we first check the appearance. First of all, keema curry. It is Indian cuisine.

The top of the can was laid out a picture of chicken tatami that reminiscently tastes unintentionally.

The name is "Keema Curry" and the straight ball is that strange. Pickled tomatoes and puree are the second largest after chicken. Onions, cashew nuts, grated garlic, and gallum masala essential for seasoning are included.

Open the cans and check the taste.

There was a puree-shaped curry in which fine chicken rags were mixed. From the moment you open it you will find a characteristic scent like "Keema Curry".

Leisurely mouth pakuri. In the mouth which imagined intense hotness, I was surprised at the opposite of the taste of keema curry which is easy to eat so that it can be said to be extreme. Certainly the aftertaste is spicy, but there is no pain at all, but if it is a person who is good at something a little bit it is at all levels of OK.

However, looking closer to the face, I feel a stimulation somewhat in my eyes. It was also good for raglike chicken, and the flavor of curry was well heard, which combined with the scent of spices stimulated appetite. Depending on the person, you may feel that it is "salty a little?"

Subsequently, it seems that Da Kalbi is from Korea.

The sweet taste of sesame oil flavor peculiar to Dachalcia is raised on the tongue.

The name is "chicken and onion onion sauteed pepper (Dakkalbi style)". Chicken meat and onions are seasoned with sesame oil, pepper, pepper paste etc.

There is a sweet scent of gochujang and sesame oil, and you can check the appearance of onions simmered in a toro in the sauce.

The steamed chicken cooked until becoming a holographroke is about to collapse without chewing at the moment of putting it in his mouth. The sauce seasoned with pepper sauce is finished firmly and hard, and there is also thanks to the sauce source and the inside of the mouth tends to get sharp The copy of "spicy caution" is also not dirty.

This is a popular Thai cuisine, Gapao is characterized by the taste of Nampula (fish sauce) and basil.

On the top surface, the appearance of deliciously cooked chicken rags etc is printed.

The name of the product is "china meat and fried basil sauce (Gapao)", and it was green peppers that looked red in the picture. Characteristic names such as chicken, red pepper, basil, Nampura, Oyster sauce line up as raw materials. While reading while thinking "It is not hot," the letters of "pepper" properly in the middle.

From the moment of opening the lid a slightly sour taste smells my nose. A unique scent from Nampura and Oyster sauce had a good sense of ethnicity.

Hilarious pakuri. The flavor which makes the sourness peculiar to Nampula still matches chicken thoroughly, and this also stimulates appetite well. And it is the same as keyma curry that I feel unexpected salty taste.

And here also the ethnic feeling "chicken kebab". Kebab is a dish whose origin is said to originate around Turkey.

A red-colored source that seems to be very spicy

The name is "chicken pili spicy taste (kebab style)". Looking at this way, there seems to be various patterns in naming. It seems that spices such as steamed chicken and "milk etc. as a main ingredient", saute onion, and spices such as coriander powder, black pepper and cinnamon powder are used abundantly.

Kaema curry has a different ethnic feeling, the scent produced by coriander is exactly "kebab" flavor.

Bite mouth Mogmog. The steamed chicken is firmly crunchy, different texture from the steamed chicken of Duck carve. The seasoning that black pepper is contained is also a firmly hard type here. This is what is suitable for "hot spicy care", and it enters the state where the inside of the mouth becomes "he" by the wavy attack with the previous Duck cari.

Also familiar in Japan "Mabo Tofu" has long been included in Asian flavor.

There are also a lot of Mabo tofu, but Kore is obviously a painful type of guy.

The name is "Mabo Tofu", and raw materials such as Touchijang, Soup noodles (Tenmen Jang), Shaoxing wine, Miao soup and so on are displayed side by side.

What kind of flavors are you finished for Mabo Tofu? Just like a photo printed on a can, it is a black type of hemp tofu reminiscent of spicy just by looking at it, and it is obviously different from the four items so far, such as sugar bean sauce (tenmen jang) and soy sauce, garlic I feel the fragrance full of flavor.

Hilarious pakuri. Mabo 's sauce that feels the scent of peppermint sweetly is certainly included in the harsh category, but it is a level that can be enjoyed by a wide range of people with moderate spicyness. I feel 3 cups of rice can go with just one can. Tofu was a solid texture that seemed surprising. Also, this menu feels salty unexpectedly.

And six items are "Tandoori chicken" with India as the birthplace.

Speaking of Tandoori chicken, it is chicken seasoned with spicy.

The name is "chicken curry seasoned (tandoori chicken style)". It is a pattern that curry powder is abundantly used next to steamed chicken.

At the moment of opening it felt the flavor of the curry strongly, the image of the taste expanded all at once in the mouth.

Mogmog. Although the flavor of the so-called "curry" often appears, although it is the same taste as the above chicken kebab, this is somewhat mild seasoned. I feel like a spicy as it is just singing "hot spicy", but if you like a little bit of spicy taste this seems to be said to be OK at all.

Here are the lists of six types of menus ranked by reference and prejudice by dedication. Although I think there are individual differences, it seems that the spicyness of chicken kebab and the unique ethnic feeling are out of the group.

I warmed up in the microwave, I tried eating it on cooked rice. The warming increased the flavor, and it was a canned series where rice was very advanced while canning both menus.

If you eat all kinds and compare it, it certainly seems that some menus are extremely hot and it seems that there is no reason to say that evaluation is just "hot." However, each menu has its own flavor, not only is it not only painful, it was a lineup that you can enjoy comparing each delicious food with each other.

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