Photo storage / player "Wonder Photobox" that automatically classifies pictures by people / place etc.

In order to solve the "death problem of photographs" that you take a picture and save it and look back at the end, you automatically classify people and places in the photos and classify them, and even composition and brightness etc. Photo storage and photo player that automatically determines the best shot from "Wonder Photo Box"is.CP + 2015There was a wonder photo box at the venue of the exhibition, so I checked what kind of hardware it was.


Arrived at the Fuji film booth.

The phrase "Magical Photo Box" caught my eye.

This is the magic photo box "Wonder Photo Box"

Wonder Photo Box is a hard disk built-in photo storage that stores photos taken with smartphones and digital cameras. Picture data is sent using a USB cable, Wi-Fi or SD card slot. Since USB power supply is also possible, you can copy all the photos while charging the smartphone.

The Wonder Photo Box has an HDMI terminal, and there is also a photo player function that allows you to view pictures by viewing on the TV.

Operation is possible with a dedicated remote control.

Also, insert the receiver in the USB terminal ......

You can also operate with the mouse.

Wonder photo box is excellent, automatic classification function that recognizes subjects and landscapes and automatically classifies photos into folders. For example, in a folder called "subject / person", a folder for each person is created with such a feeling, and only the photographs of that person are organized and classified in that folder.

This is a folder of girls called "Hikari chan." Hikari 's photo is saved from how born, just a newborn baby, to a growing girl' s picture. Wonder photo box can track and classify one person by matching minor changes in date and face, whereas face changes according to the growth of children.

Since the tablet can stand on the recess of the top of the Wonder Photo Box, you can use it like a photo frame with a special application.

Furthermore, it is considering an option service which can access Wonder Photo Box from outsiders by synchronizing with the cloud.

Wonder Photo Box is a product born from the idea that there is no way to enjoy more pictures by solving the "photo death problem" that saved as PC, smart phone, SD card etc. even after taking a picture .

For automatic photo classification function, it is also possible to classify only the best shot by 'rating' such as composition and brightness. Just by moving all of the photographed photos to the wonder photo shot, we will pick out the best shot, so there is also a usage such as "print out only the best shot as a photo book".

Wonder photo shot is supposed to be about 30,000 yen in the 1 TB model and will be released in May 2015. In addition, a cheaper 32 GB small capacity model will also be available.

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