Titanic's innovative internal structure, luxurious interior, huge engine and other valuable photos of the movie

A luxury passenger ship that touched the iceberg in the middle of the maiden voyage in April 1912 and issued about 1,500 victims and caused a maritime accidentTitanic. Film and documentary focusing on the sunken maritime accident is a famous ship worldwide who has raised the name recognition, but its architectural structure and interior are contemporary and interesting technology is used,RMS Titanic: Fascinating Engineering FactsHe explains the movie that everyone can understand the movie.

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Titanic's architectural structure is explained by the department of chemistry and biomolecular engineering at the University of IllinoisBill HammackProfessor.

According to Professor Hammack "THE ENGINEER LONDON"The details of the construction structure of Titanic are stated in the book titled" Titanic ".

Titanic was built in British heavy industry manufacturer "Harland and Wolf"

This is a gantry called "gantry", so to speak, used to build a ship.

Titanic was built in the space on the left side of the gantry and on the right side the sister ship of TitanicOlympicWas made.

Structural material arranged to pass the bottom of the ship from the bow to the sternkeelYou can see that there is. By installing the keel at a place about 1.5 m from the ground, it is possible to work from the underside of the ship.

The image below shows the hull corresponding to the appearance of the ship. The back is the Titanic and the foreground is the Olympic hull.

The Olympics in the foreground was painted with white and red at the completion, but it was said that it was replaced with black and red afterwards.

When moving the Olympic Games to the sea for the first time, 23 tons of oil, tallow and soap are painted and landing on water to slide. I see the image, but the Olympic games are in the water from the stern, not the bow. This is because the stern is wider in width and more susceptible to buoyancy.

While the weight of the Olympics after the launch ceremony is 27,000 tons,Draft(The vertical distance of the hull sunk below the water surface) was only about 5.5 m. However, after the interior was completed, the weight increased to 52,000 tons, so the draft is about 10 m.

This is a huge crane where we are installing a boiler at the Olympic Games.

Late from the Olympics In seven months Titanic will also launch a launch ceremony.

However, most of the pictures concerning Titanic's launch ceremony are not left. A huge vessel called the Olympic Games has already finished its launch ceremony, and Titanic did not get much attention.

Valuable pictures of the Olympic Games and Titanic. This was the last time that two vessels were in the same place.

The Olympics will cause a collision accident with the British Navy's Edgar grade protective cruiser "Hawk" in 1911 after completion. However, it did not sink in the accident, and it operated as an active cruise ship until 1935.

Titanic and Olympics made at the same time, and later to appearBritannicThree shipsOlympic ship passenger boatIt is very similar, although its appearance and internal structure are somewhat different.

This is a precious cross section of Titanic. The engine was powered by coal and loaded a large amount of coal on the bottom of the ship. Titanic seemed to need 650 tons of coal in one day for operation.

Looking at the cross section, you can see that there is a boiler behind the place where the coal is stored. The exhaust gas from the boiler was discharged from the chimney at the top of the ship.

A cross section of the Olympic chimney. The lower part of the chimney has a hem spread structure as shown in the figure, and it leads to a boiler at the bottom of the ship.

The chimney located closest to the stern of Titanic was installed for design reasons and had the role of ventilating the engine room rather than the chimney.

The boiler which was mounted in Titanic is 5 m in diameter. Compared with the person in the picture, I can understand its size well.

It is yellow colored to guide the steam discharged from the boiler to the cylinder to move the piston and move it reciprocallyReciprocating engineis.

Here is what I saw the reciprocating engine from the bow side. The orange part becomes the piston rod, and the piston is connected to it.

Located adjacent to the reciprocating engine is a turbine engine to operate with steam.

You can check the appearance of workers on the turbine engine under construction. You can see how big the turbine engine is from the workers' appearance.

Three screws are mounted in the Titanic, two on each side each weighs 38 tons, and it works with a reciprocating engine. The huge screw in the middle is 22 tons in weight and it is operated by a turbine engine.

Despite having such huge equipment as Olympic type passenger ships including Titanic was not the fastest ship at that time. What was emphasized on Olympic-class passenger ships was comfortable and luxuriously decorated than the speed of the ship.

First class lounge is here.

The luxurious staircase closely resembles what appeared in the movie "Titanic".

Titanic says that it was devised not only for the first class facilities but also for all class passengers to be comfortable. One of them is a huge spur gear and a bevel gear. For the two gears, the teeth were designed to be V-shaped to minimize the vibration during operationHerringbone patternIs adopted.

The valuable interior of Titanic and the photograph under construction are full of charm to attract people who are not interested in the ship and it seems to be even more enjoyable to see the movie "Titanic" after understanding the comment by Professor Hammack.

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