Landscape of the dock in which the world's largest container ship "Maersk · Triple E" is built

Most of the logistics that still go and go around the world is still "Shipping"Is the most important means. It is crucial for such shipping to sail with a large number of containersContainer ship. Even such a container ship gets the title of "the world's largest"Maersk · Triple EA picture showing the state of the dock building the building is released.

Building the Largest Ship In the World, South Korea | The Blog of Photographer Alastair Philip Wiper

◆ What is a container ship "Maersk · Triple E"?
Maasuk · Triple E called "the world's largest container ship" is converted to a huge hull of 400 m in length and 59 m in width, and converted into 20,270 containers (12,870TEUIt boasts a tremendous loading capacity. Danish shipping conglomerate "A.P. Moller MaerskIt is said to be a ship developed by a ship that realizes high economic efficiency and environmental performance by carrying many cargoes at once.


In addition, this Maersk · Triple E has just set up a world record with the most containers. The situation can be seen in the following article.

Place containers on cargo ship as much as you can place it, set up world record, depart movie movie

In 2013, Triple E called at the port of Copenhagen, Denmark, based in Maersk, and a large number of people flooded the port to see at first sight. An English photographer living in Denmark, Alastair Philip Wiper also attempted to see the situation, but abandoning crying because the viewing tickets were already sold out. It seems that he succeeded in tracing his connection as a revenge, visiting a shipyard in Taipei (Oppo), Korea, and seeing the ship from nearby.

Maersk will undertake manufacture "Daewoo Shipbuilding Ocean"We ordered a total of 20 Triple Es, and on the day that Mr. Wiper visited, it was said that the 9th completion ceremony was held on that day. It was also vain that I thought "There is a guide that will guide the hulls surely", and on that day there was not enough manpower for the ceremony and instead of being guided, "Here is the dock ... ... and please do as you like!" To be abandoned suddenly. "Is there a map of the hull?" "No, the engine is in the direction of heading, the deck is over there.When it will be returned within 5 hours, otherwise I will leave for Russia It is said that he started interviewing at once.

Container space inside hull is deepest and huge thing called 11-layer structure. In addition, there are ten container spaces on the deck as well.

The engine installed to move the huge hull generates 43,000 horsepower, this is also a huge diesel engine. In addition, it has two units of this, and it also turns a huge propeller and heads to the destination.

The engine room that can accommodate such an engine is still huge. It is installed in a section that takes space blanked out of the 5 floors behind the hull. It is so huge that it feels like a scale that I do not know that this is an engine.

Screw propeller for triple E placed outdoors. The weight per unit is 70 tons with 4 blade screws reaching 9.8 meters in diameter, which is an enormous size that I can not understand anymore. The screws manufactured by Mecklenburger Metallguss in Germany are each connected to a separate engine and work to turn the power generated by a super long stroke engine into propulsion. The combination of this screw and the engine achieves maximum efficiency, although the speed is inferior. The CO2 emissions are reduced by 50% compared with the conventional one.

Here is the actual installed condition.

A part of the hull under construction. Compared to the person who stands before, I can tell the scale. The side of the hull has a dual structure and it is designed to be able to adjust the height of the ship by placing seawater inside when empty, in case of accident, it is difficult for water to seep into the inside.

A part is assembled gradually and one ship is made. One Triple E consists of 425 such sites and 21 huge 'megablock' combining them.

Also the figure of the people involved in construction in the dock.

The state of the bottom of the hull. The painting of red and brown seems to have the effect of preventing the sea garbage from adhering.

The height of the hull front is about 35 meters. The height sinking from the sea surface (draft line) is 16 meters when full cargo is loaded, it corresponds to the Suez Canal connecting the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea, although it can not pass through the Panama Canal connecting the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean.

One of 20 Triple Es, Captain Lars Peter Jensen who is captain of 'Matz Maersk'. He seems to have a career that has led many "world's largest ships" so far.

Besides this, Wiper's blog posted various aspects of the ship's construction under construction.

Building the Largest Ship In the World, South Korea | The Blog of Photographer Alastair Philip Wiper

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