Place containers on cargo ship as much as you can place it, set up world record, depart movie movie

The cargo ship that carries luggage on the sea all over the world is a big factor in evaluating performance how much load can be loaded. So, shipbuilders compete for the development of larger cargo ships, but the world's largest container ship "Maersk · Triple E"Finally loaded a large amount of baggage that will become the world record and departed. The masterpiece movie is released.

Mary Maersk leaves Algeciras on Vimeo

containerA large group of containers appearing together with a huge light blue crane loading the ship on the ship.

It is the world's largest cargo ship that spreads containers cleanlyMaersk · Triple E"

The total length is amazing 400 meters. The loaded containers converted to the number of 20 feet container of about 6 meters in length, and in fact it was actually 17603 (17603TEU).

A container longer than 10 meters per one will appear like a building block if it is placed on Maersk · Triple E. The maximum load capacity of MARSK / Triple E is 12,870 TEU.

At the time of departure. I left for Malaysia on July 21, 2014.

When it becomes such a huge body as well, it is work that checks the position of the surrounding ship firmly, leaves the harbor without avoiding a collision, and goes out to the ocean is a very nervous wearing work.

Comparing the sizes of Marsk and Triple E with other vessels in the bay, you can see that it is overwhelmingly bulky.

Maasuk Triple E is calling also at Yokohama Port in May 2014 about two months before the establishment of the world record, and in Japan it was also showing off its overwhelming massive body. You can see the details of Maasuk Triple E released to the press in detail in the following movie.

The world's largest cargo ship "Triple E" released = full length 400 meters, loaded with 18,000 containers - YouTube

Maersk · Triple E without container. It is 400 meters long and weighs about 190,000 tons.

It is a little mysterious that you can moor with this rope.

You can not see through the edge of the big body.

I get on this staircase.

It looks like she got in. Perhaps the sight as seen from the top of the building is spreading out.

The corridor is also a messed up length.

Of course, a map becomes necessary.

It seems to be completely inside the building, but this is onboard.

State of the steering seat.

How many sailors should you sail by hand? Numerous instruments can be confirmed.


There are many large displays.

This is Maasuk Triple E steering wheel. The diameter is smaller than I expected.

There are many buttons around the lever like an airplane.

The view of the steering woman is like this.

Numbers are written on the ship's deck, but this is the place to put each container.

Container storage areas are lined in order like this with such feeling.

Maersk · Triple E is a shipping conglomerate of Denmark "A.P. Moller Maersk"It is developed by China, mainly introduced in the Asia-Europe route, but currently it is not planned to call again in Japan.

In addition, at Amazon, Lego of Maersk · Triple E is on sale for about 40,000 yen. LEGO 10241 Maersk Line Triple-E LEGO Creator: Toy

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