Boston · Dynamics unveils' Small quadruped walking robot 'Spot' even if kicked

Boston · DynamicsIs a quadruped walking robot featuring eerie movement "Big DogI have been producing such as. A new small-sized high-performance quadruped walking robot "Spot" has been completed, and it is contained in the movie that it does not fall down even if it walks or is kicked.

Introducing Spot - YouTube

Whether it is the headquarters entrance of Boston Dynamics, 4 robots are exhibited.

I started walking on the left end robot. This is the newly developed small quadruped walking robot "Spot".

I will walk as I make an office. As expected, there are only companies that handle robots, and employees do not mind if the robot walks next to it.

Because I heard that the motor sound is ringing, "I wonder if I'm not a bit somewhat?" ...

Suddenly a man began to jump out of the office and kicked Spot.

However, rather than falling down, it shows a high performance that does not even tilt. I walked as it was.

The scene changes to the outside, and again Spot is kicked off exceptionally.

Although it will tilt as much as expected ... ...

We have balanced using four legs. Somehow, it looks like a pretty dog.

Spot to stand as if nothing had happened. Compared with the conventional quadruped walking robot, the bad feeling of movement is reduced, but I feel sorry for seeing the scene kicked because of that.

I also go up and down the slope with Swissyi.

Even mountain skins scattering tree branches and rough stones can climb without problems.

It is also compact so it is possible to slip through narrow trees and trees.

I'm going up the stairs. Sometimes I step off my foot, but I am surprised that the balance will go up without collapse.

Spot running on reindeer's horns. It seems that bells are also attached, and it seems to be fun to hear the sound of ring bells and bells.

Although it crashed on the way in the running test with two units, neither will collapse.

The steps are perfectly matched as if they were copied.

If you compete on the slope with the large quadruped robot that was made early ... ...

For a large robot that decelerates on an uphill slope, Spot's speed did not change and it was a victory.

In this video production, it seems that the robot never broke or was damaged.

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