A reboot work of the horror film 's monument "Poltergeist" released in 2015

Steven Spielberg is responsible for the production and screenplay, and Tobey Hooper served as the director of the big hit horror film "Poltergeist"Reboot work will be made public from July 24, 2015, and multiple unpublished cuts were also made public.

Sneak peek: 'Poltergeist' reboots for 2015 terror

I am responsible for the reboot version "Monster House"ofGil Kenan, Producer "evil deadKnown as the director of the Spiderman seriesSam RaimiIs set up. And, the screenwriter of the movie is responsible for the screenwriter who is the recipient of the Pulitzer PrizeDavid Lindsey Avea.

It is the central figure of the story that matches something in the house something Madison Bowen

Director Kenan "Natural powerI have "Madison Bowen as my roleKennedy Clementz.

An eerie clown doll as good as the original version

Madison Bowen's mother plays "Rachel's marriage"Played Rachel inRosemary DeWitt

And the one who plays the father role is "Confessions"He played the leading character Chuck BarisSam Rockwell

In the original version, the freelin family who moved to the residential area is attacked by paranormal phenomenon, but in the reboot version the Bowen family seems to be the target. Director Kenan commented, "Unlike traditional horror movies, I wanted to give the character realism by placing emphasis on casting," and said that parents desperately fighting to regain their daughter are drawn. about.

The trailer of the original version "Poltergeist" released in 1982 can be watched from the following.

Poltergeist (1982) - Original Trailer - YouTube

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Two trailers of a new "Poltergeist" scheduled to be released in 2015 are released and it can be said that it is made considerably conscious of the original version.

Poltergeist Official Trailer # 1 (2015) Sam Raimi Horror Movie Remake HD - YouTube

Key visuals are also released.

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"Poltergeist" 2nd trailer that paranoid attacks a girl and can not be seen without screaming - GIGAZINE

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