Bill Gates says "The possibility that mobile banking will change the lives of the poor"?

There is a super rich layer called super rich, however, income gap is a problem in the United States where there are lots of street dwellers. Microsoft's Bill Gates said that in order to change the lives of the poor in America in a disparate society,Mobile bankingTo be importantThe VergeIn an interview, I revealed.

Bill Gates: how mobile banking can change the lives of the poor - YouTube

According to Gates, banks are very important for poor people who are in need of paying medical expenses and tuition fees for children, but problems such as not being able to form a loan once poverty becomes common. Also, banks are using "too old system" for the poor to use.

One of the systems that banks continue to use still is expensive fixed costs and fees. A fee arises at the time of withdrawing money at ATM or when transferring, and for the poor who trades a small amount of money at the same time, the fee generated at the time of each transaction is a problem of trouble.

There is a possibility that it may replace the fee system, Mr. Gates insists on mobile banking. With mobile banking, the transaction fee is 2% or less even for transactions of 50 cents (about 60 yen), which reduces the financial burden as it can be done at a smaller price than before. If the financial burden is reduced, the number of users will also increase.

"We also need a new banking system that makes it convenient for the poor, for example it's a system that allows you to transfer accounts to other banks without changing the bank's account number.The security and money movement In order to make processing safe, banks should strengthen cooperation and make account transition as low as fee possible, that is, system like number portability which can use the original telephone number as it is when switching carriers It is that it is necessary. "

If we can make a system that makes the fee as low as possible, the time for the poor to suffer from bank transactions will be reduced, and the time spent on it can be used for other things.

According to Gates, the mobile banking platform gradually develops, 2 billion people will be able to use it by 2030, life will be improved fundamentally by activating the use of mobile banking I expect it.

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