Apple Watch will be shipping in April 2015, Apple's CEO Tim Cook said

Apple announced the results of Q14 (October to December) in 2014 as "Apple's Q1 2015 earnings call", among which Tim Cook, CEO of "Apple WatchWill be shipped from April 2015, "the release date of Apple Watch was revealed.

Apple Watch will ship in April, Tim Cook says during earnings call | 9to5Mac

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Apple's watch-type wearable device Apple Watch was initially supposed to be "early in 2015", but then Angela Arends, senior vice president of retail & online overseeing the Apple Store In the video message to employees "It is the appearance after spring"I was told that selling might be delayed as I said,

Meanwhile, Tim Cook said at the performance announcement meeting "Apple Watch will ship in April", and it is finally getting richer in April release. Also, one of the reasons why the release of Apple Watch is delayed is rumored to be a battery problem that is too short, but according to sources close to AppleAvailable for up to 4 hoursAnd it seems that the battery problem still has not been solved.

Since Japan is not included in the first sales area of ​​Apple Watch at the moment, the time when Apple Watch is released in Japan may be later than April 2015.

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