What are the reasons why the future may be '15 hours a week' or '6 months a year'?

ByPablo Fernández

In the worldThe sleeping time is shortest is "Japanese"It is clarified from the life log data that companies that long-term labor ordinarily have become "Black companyIt is called a problem called problem. Many countries have adopted the "40-hour weekly labor system", but having more moderate "leisure" creates new creativity, in the future work hours will be "22 hours a week", working days CNN summarizes why it may be "6 months in a year".

Leisure is the new productivity - CNN.com

I wrote the column "What leisure creates new creativity" covered by CNN is "Washington PostThink tank to analyze problems in the US "New AmericaMr. Brigid Schulte who works for. I point out that making leisure from the viewpoint of experts improves creativity and productivity and presents that it is a problem the nation should address.

◆ Importance of leisure time
Historical celebrities also state the importance of leisure time,World's four largest accounting firm(BIG 4) occupy a cornerKPMGEugene O'Kealy, former CEO, said, "When you have a terminal brain tumor," what if you spend more time focusing on your work with your family? Would not it be more creative, productive? " I thought it was put into practice.

When I was producing 'The Last Supper'Leonardo da VinciHe said that he often saw daydreams without drawing pictures at least once every few hours. It was a patron of Da VinciThe church of Santa Maria d'El GrazieUrged him to work without interruption, Da Vinci replied, "A real genius will accomplish without working from other people" and completed a masterpiece that actually remains over the years.

◆ Proper leisure
In modern times many countries have legislated "40 hours a week labor" that works 8 hours a day for 5 days from Monday to Friday. In the era when the world's standard working hours were 12 hours a day, the founder of Ford MotorHenry FordMr. changed the working hours of the employees of the factory who worked 48 hours a day on the 6th of the week to 40 hours a week. Although the management team strongly refuted the decision "to make Saturdays a holiday", the mistakes of workers who gained leisure before getting tired are reduced, improving efficiency and productivity. A few years later, the "40-hour week system" became a global standard.

◆ 40 hours per week to 15 hours per week
Although it is such a 40-hour system, in the present age, an indication of "an inefficient system" appears,3 days a weekThere are an increasing number of companies that introduce. "Keynesian economicsEconomist known byJohn Maynard KeynesMr. predicted that "the working hours per week will be 15 hours by 2030", and there are also predictions that it will be "22 hours of work per week", "6 months of labor per year", " There are also specialists who think that it is 38 years old.

In contrast, the working hours of American white-collar workers are longer than those of other developed countries, and in Korea where long-term labor is a problem as well,Prison experience"That is prevalentWall Street JournalIt reports. In Japan, "death from overwork" is a social problem, and overseas means "death due to overwork"KAROSHI"The shortening of working hours is a problem that can not be solved unless it is addressed nationally.

◆ What is the effect produced by "leisure"?
In the English-speaking area, it means "the moment that inspired"Aha! Experience(Aha experience) ", but according to a brain wave survey conducted by psychologist John Konius, we know that the brain at the" AH experience "is calm and in a relaxed state. In the field of neuroscience, the activities of the brains of people in leisure become active unconsciously "Default mode network"The phenomenon that is also confirmed. Physicist Richard Feynman explains the quantum electrodynamics by the way that it calculates after looking at the student who idly skips at the cafeteria "Feynman diagram"And arrived at the Nobel Prize.

Modern people think that leisure is "a mottainai", The inefficiency of long hours work is being reconsidered and can be made a top class in 10,000 hour practice"10,000 hour rule" is not universalThe view that it is also appearing. Although it is hard to feel, it is necessary to recognize the effect of "leisure" rather than to work long hours towards the goal.

ByАндрей Голубев

◆ Working hours and GDP (GDP)
In Norway, Ireland, Denmark and France, a country with a higher GDP, it is possible to acquire "Vacation" which is paid more than 30 days each year, strictly enforced by the law from overtime hours to sending and receiving work related mails outside working hours It is. The following calculates annual minimum pay day in each country, Japan is ten days, but how much is zero in the USA? Even in the labor system with many leisure time, it has been proved that it can be produced efficiently.

If the importance of "leisure" is widely recognized, the law and insurance system will be improved in the future, working hours may become shorter.

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