Electronic 3D printer "Voxel 8" which can output objects with electronic circuits for the first time in the world

Since the introduction of 3D printers,foodYaHouseAnd other technologies to output various things with 3D printers have been developed. Electronic 3D printer capable of producing electrical wiring in the world for the first time in such a rapidly developing 3D printing field and creating objects incorporating electronic circuits "Voxel 8"Has appeared.

Voxel 8: 3D Electronics Printing

You can check what kind of product Voxel 8 is from the following movie.

Voxel 8: The World's First 3D Electronics Printer - YouTube

This is Voxel 8 of the world's first electronic 3D printer.

Although ordinary 3D printers can output three-dimensional objects using plastic resin, Voxel 8 can output electrical wiring using conductor ink in addition to plastic resin.

Outputting the object with plastic resin just like a general 3D printer.

When the base part is completed stop the 3D printer and embed the electronic circuit.

If you operate a 3D printer as it is, it outputs electrical wiring.

When electric wiring output is made, finish other parts with plastic resin.

Completion of a simple 555 timer.

Outputted555 timerI see that the electric wiring is properly connected to the circuit.

Quad Cotter, which has a more complex structure than the 555 timer, is this way.

Voxel 8 will be released in the second half of 2015, the price is 8,999 dollars (about 1,070,000 yen). Professor Jennifer Lewis of Harvard University developed Voxel 8, and the product was launched with the goal of expanding the possibilities of 3D printers to the electronic equipment fieldprojectIt was part of. Whether Voxel 8 will be a device that connects 3D printing and electronic equipment fields will be expected in the future.

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