"Buccaneer" which makes it easy to create objects by using the application with 3,000-yen 3D printer

A home 3D printer that can design objects by dragging and clicking without using complicated software and can operate using mobile applications is called "The Buccaneer"is. MakerBot company which is sold at about 220,000 yen while being a price of about 35,000 yenReplicator 2And the fineness of the print are the same, it has become possible to enjoy 3D printing more easily.

The Buccaneer ™ Cloud 3D Printer - World's Most Affordable Home 3D Printer

The Buccaneer® - The 3D Printer That Everyone can use! By Pirate3D Inc - Kickstarter

Details of Buccaneer can be seen from the following movie.

This is the Buccaneer body. The exterior is made of simple aluminum.

One of the features of Buccaneer is that you can do "intuitive setup" first. The setting of the 3D printer is often complicated, and those who are not bright on the machine will be confused, but the setting is completed in a few minutes because there are no extra parts or wiring.

In addition, "Cloud Printing" that extracts information of the object to be printed from the web store using a mobile device or PC and outputs it to the printer is also possible.

In general, it is necessary to use complicated 3D design software to design an object, but Buccaneer developed software called "Smart Object". It is now possible to customize the design of objects easily by drag & click.

The state that the printer actually operates is from the following movie.

Buccaneer® 3D Printer Exposed! - Pirate 3D Printer - YouTube

MakerBot company which has almost the same footprint as household printing machineReplicator 2Here is the comparison table compared with the table. Bucaneer is $ 347 (about 35,000 yen), while Replicator 2 costs $ 2199 (about 220,000 yen). Unlike Replicator 2, Cloud Wi-Fi printing and operation from a mobile terminal are possible. The size of the 3D printable object is a little smaller, 15 cm × 10 cm × 12 cm, but the print definition is the same 100 μm.

Since the body size is also small, 25 cm × 25 cm × 35 cm, it does not take place even at home.

When the power is turned on, the light turns red and informs you that it is preparing.

The situation of actually connecting to Mac and using it is as follows.

First of all, it connects with Buccaneer via Wi-Fi.

As the login screen appears, enter the key and login.

The main menu is displayed.

Click "Set material".

Pass the filament through the hole and set it.

Close the lid and complete.

When all setup is completed, the light of the printer changes to blue.

After that, when you press the start button, printing starts.

Inspired by Apple's products, Buccaneer is made up of smooth lines, and it is finished in a design that "people want to show them to their friends as they own it".

Currently it is improving the design of the XY axis platform. Makerbot's ball screw used is expensive, inexpensive, excellent in design, and to produce a 3D printer with good performanceCoreXYIt seems that you are considering using the system called.

We also developed a system that operates 3D printers via a browser. The application is designed to run on Android and iOS.

Currently we are planning to get what Buccaneer main unit and cartridges are set in February 2014 with a contribution of 397 dollars (about 35,000 yen) while recruiting investment for commercialization. In addition, when ordering from outside the United States, a separate $ 100 (about 10,000 yen) is required.

The deadline is 11:57 PM on June 29, 2013.

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