Low price, compact and portable home scanner "The Photon"

With the advent of 3D printers, 3D scanners that convert three-dimensional objects into data are also appearing one after another, but there are many things that are not suitable for purchase by individuals as they are large in size and expensive . Emerging companies'Matterform"Announced on March 27, nowIndiegogoRecruitment under recruitment 3D scanner "The Photon"It is a portable size, low price and it can be used easily at home. You can scan three-dimensional objects in a fairly simple procedure, just place the things you want to convert to data on the scanned table and press the button.

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Details of the product are explained in the following movie.
Photon 3D Scanner - YouTube

Developers and co-founder Matterform Adam Branges and Drew Cox.

The Photon is designed to be simple and foldable, and only when there is a laser to scan and a base on which three-dimensional objects can be placed.

Since it becomes considerably compact when folding it, it can be stored in bookshelves and so on.

The size of the three-dimensional object that can be scanned is 190 mm × 190 mm × 250 mm at the maximum.

To operate, simply place the 3D object you want to scan on the pedestal and press the button.

Laser shooting three-dimensional object fired from here.

In the current Photon resolution, the small figurine of about 10 cm is scanned at 0.43 mm intervals while rotating 0.5 degrees, the accuracy error is plus / minus 0.2 mm, and it takes about 3 minutes on average from the start to the end of scan.

The data of the scanned solid object can be saved in the form of STL, OBJ, PLY, and when you actually look at the data on a personal computer, it looks like this.

With the investment of 449 Canadian dollars (about 43,000 yen), charging cable, USB cable, and software will come with one The Photon. In addition, shipping to Japan requires 26 Canadian dollars (about 2500 yen) by sea mail, and 57 Canadian dollars (about 5470 yen) as an international courier service. The deadline for investment is April 30, and it is already collecting 328,000 dollars (about 32.3 million yen), which exceeds the target amount of 80 thousand dollars (about 8 million yen).

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