Lightweight, compact 3D printer "Bukito" that can be carried anywhere

3D printing function is installed in Windows 8.1There are plans to be done, etc., 3D printers that are popular in generalEverything cheaper and finally appeared less than 20,000 yenHowever, it was born out of the idea that such a 3D printer should be made compact and lightweight so that it can be carried everywhere.Bukito". It is a very compact size of 125 mm × 150 mm × 125 mm, and it is currently in the cloud funding platformKickstarterInvestment is being recruited at.

Bukito Portable 3D Printer - Take it everywhere! By Diego Porqueras - Kickstarter

Bukito body is like this. This was previously recruited by KickstarterBukobotIt seems that he decided to make a small 3D printer by watching Bukobot's user wish to have more Bukobot carry around.

The size of the main body is 125 mm × 150 mm × 125 mm. Unlike large 3D printers, they are large enough to be carried by hand.

Even small, the quality is not inferior to other printers, and if you make an object using a 0.3 mm layer in a prototype, it looks like this. Even with a complicated structure, smooth curves are drawn. In addition, polylactic acid, ABS resin, nylon, etc. can be used as material, and the filament diameter is 1.75 mm.

It uses a rugged aluminum frame and it will not break easily.

Weight is 2 kg. How lighter and sturdy is Bukito? To indicate thatOctocopterThere are also movies that perform 3D printing in the air using.

Bukito 3D Printer Flying While Printing 3D Object Lifted by Octocopter - YouTube

Accuracy and speed are also important points for 3D printers that create things, but Bukito is a special specification boasting speed and accuracy for extrudersErik's Bowden ExtruderThe speed is 150 mm per second.

Drive gear also original design.

You can see how actually Bukito is running from the following movies.

This is Bukito makingDeezmakerMr. Diego's.

Bukito has in hand.

Examples of objects are as follows.

It seems like I am actually making it.

This is also being created. Where the hell were we making ....

It was in the bar. If you use a 3D printer at school, you can only use 3D printers at places such as laboratories, PC side, company office, etc. If you use Bukito, you can use libraries, cafes / bars, That's why you choose a place.

Bukito is currently available for commercializationWhile recruiting investment, The target amount is 54,000 dollars (about 5.4 million yen), it has already gathered $ 95,000 (about 9.5 million yen), so it is definitely commercialized. You can get the Bukito 3D Printer Kit for $ 649 (about 65,000 yen), and if you need to ship outside the United States you will need $ 25 (about 2,500 yen) as a shipping cost separately.

The deadline is Japan time on August 4 (Sunday) at 10 PM.

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