Kit "Bitsbox" that lets you learn programming fun without getting tired of children developed by people inside Google

As the proverb says "I like good things like you", as long as you are interested and able to do anything, your progress is quick. Although this proverb goes to learning programming necessary for software development, there are many people who are frustrated without being able to last long even if reading boring textbooks. The two Google programmers formerly developed to learn such a long-lasting programming learning without having to bore to a child with high absorption ability without learning bored learning kit "Bitsbox"is.

Bitsbox - Monthly Code Projects for Kids

The structure of Bitsbox is like this, where small children can pull up their coding skills without getting tired or frustrated.

Bitsbox monthly coding projects for kids by Bitsbox - Kickstarter - YouTube

Aidan Chobra and Scott Raininger who developed Bitsbox. Two people I met on GoogleSketchUpHe said that he had been developing software called.

Both of them are fathers who have children, but while teaching children to programming, I noticed that they lost interest in programming over time.

Two of the amazing software developers who were people inside Google say that their biggest cause is "boredom". Conversely, if you can continue to be interested without getting bored, it is possible to be a great programmer.

So the two people developed a learning tool "Bitsbox".

Bitsbox is a tool that allows you to experience programming with realistic applications and real hardware.

A lot of projects are prepared in Bitsbox, and learning programming can be learned with a sense of game.

In addition, new issues are given monthly monthly.

The secret of Bitsbox's pleasure is not only to code applications actually running on tablets, it is also found in "teaching materials" sent monthly.

Even if it says "teaching material", there are plenty of tools that children can get excited with like this.

It's a picture book or card of characters that appeared in the application, so you can see your attachment to the application you actually made.

Application development itself is done on the browser screen using PC or Mac. The emulator of the tablet is displayed on the left side of the screen, and if you enter the code according to the guidance on the right side of the screen OK. The guidance is almost similar to games because quiz format and hints are incorporated.

Once the coding is completed and the program is completed, click the QR code on the upper right of the screen. The QR code expands.

If you load this QR code on a tablet, the application will be installed ......

A mechanism that allows you to actually move the application you coded on the tablet.

Mr. Choubra and Ms. Ryeninger think that being able to "experience" the application made by himself with a real tablet is ideal for acquiring "creative" that an excellent programmer should have.

A learning kit "Bitsbox" that allows children to enjoy programming experiences with pleasure, is a cloud funding siteKickstarterWe are looking for investment by setting the target amount to 45,000 dollars (about 5.4 million yen) with. We are gathering a lot of support to clear the target amount in 3 days from the start of the project.

In the Bitsbox project, you can get the PDF data "Digital Bitsbox" of the application project with a contribution of 20 dollars (about 2400 yen) and give Bitsbox to a favorite person including your child with a capital of 40 dollars (about 4800 yen) You can send it. In addition, we added a set of 30 students "Classroom Kit" with a capital of 300 dollars (about 36,000 yen) to a set of 300 students "School Kit" with a contribution of 5000 dollars (about 600,000 yen) You can get benefits that you can customize logos and characters in the app specifically to that school specification.

The deadline for investing in "Bitsbox" project learning materials that children can enjoy programming without getting tired is up to 1:16 am January 23, 2015 in Japan time.

Bitsbox | monthly coding projects for kids by Bitsbox - Kickstarter

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