20 companies including Google / Microsoft / Facebook provide code learning to 100 million students "An Hour of Code"

As technology rapidly advances, only 10% of American schools conduct programming and coding specialized classes, and there is concern about the shortage of future programmers and software engineers. So as we become accustomed to writing "code" from a little childhood, a project to provide 1 hour coding class to 100 million children and students all over the world is "An Hour of Code"is.

An Hour of Code for Every Student | Indiegogo

You can see the movies that technology companies' celebrities such as Facebook's Zuckerberg and Microsoft's Bill Gates call for project participation from the following.

Help us raise $ 5 M to reach 100 million students - YouTube

Non-profit organization conducting project of An Hour of Code "Code.org"Founder of Hadi Partovi.

According to Mr. Hadi, only 10% of the schools in the US do computer science classes. There are not many opportunities to learn about chords from childhood. Also, women andMinorityThere are few computer science students in the fact. As technology progresses day after day, we need to train future programmers.

Therefore, Code.org started a project "An Hour of Code" that encourages one hour of code learning to one hundred million students around the world, coding learning with hands of famous technology companies such as Microsoft and Google Did.

A girl who says, "I wrote 42 lines of code."

An Hour of Code aims to train 10,000 programmer lecturers and to offer code learning to 100 million students, and we are recruiting 5 million dollars (about 540 million yen) as a necessary expense I will.

Even small children are interested in coding, I use the content that the game moves by combining several buttons.

Zuckerberg CEO has also appeared and is seeking participation of the project.

The content moves with the code I wrote, "Oh my god !!" girls with joy.

Companies participating in the project are Microsoft, Google, Salesforce.com,LinkedIn, Disney, Dropbox,Eventbrite,GoDaddy,Target,Yelp,ZillowIt is said that it is over 20 companies.

In addition, the funds gathered will be devoted to opening programming courses and training instructors at schools around the world. As an example, the cost of arranging one instructor at elementary school and opening a course is 150 dollars (about 16,000 yen). The number of students covered by one instructor is 150, so the cost per student is only one dollar (about 100 yen). Therefore, even a little donation will allow children to receive code learning.

Certificate of completion like the following will be handed to children who have received class of An Hour of Code. The name of the investor donated over 1 dollar will be stamped on the certificate of completion.

At the time of article writing, An Hour of Code's Indiegogo campaign has invested nearly $ 50,000 (about 5.4 million yen). The difference in the plan by investment amount is as follows. The deadline for investment is Japan time, it is until 4:59 am on December 15, 2014. As "Flexible Funding", all investment money will be delivered to the project even if it has not reached the target amount of 5 million dollars (about 540 million yen) by the deadline.

· $ 30 (about 3200 yen):An Hour of Code sticker × 1
· $ 50 (about 5400 yen):I Heart CODE eyeglasses (adult / child dual use) × 1
· $ 80 (about 8600 yen):Code.org hat × 1, sticker for laptop PC × 1
· $ 100 (about 10,000 yen):An Hour of Code T-shirt × 1, An Hour of Code sticker × 1
· $ 250 (approx. 27,000 yen):Name will be posted for 1 month in Code.org online course
· 500 dollars (approx. 54,000 yen):"CODE Like a Girl" zip up parka × 1

An Hour of Code for Every Student | Indiegogo

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