A booklet "Quantity Distribution" was distributed as "Manufacturer's Animation Guide 2014 Winter" published electronically

It was held from 28th December (Sun) to 30th December (Tue) in 2014Comic Market 87Animation maker 's booth and an electronic version of the booklet "Cross - Manufacturer Animation Guide 2014 Winter" distributed freely at major animation shops, with GIGAZINEAnimate TVIt will be made public.

If you do not have the opportunity to go to Comike or animate in the first place, or if you can not get it, please enjoy the content in electronic version.

Cross-manufacturer animation guide 2014 Winter

The operation method is also written on the page, but you can expand it by clicking the mouse cursor in this state

When you bring the cursor to the lower left and lower right of each page, it becomes an icon that turns the page like this, and you can go forward by turning over pages one after another.

This is the table of contents. Gissiri and 80 works are packed.

Even if you go forward one page at a time, if you have a work of your own, click on the name of the work directly in the table of contents ......

Jump to the page of the corresponding work.

If you hold the cursor at the bottom of the page, the control pad will be displayed. Click the "INDEX" button displayed on the right side of the pad to return to the table of contents.

Incidentally, this "cross-manufacturer animation guide" is a booklet cooperatively created by advertisement and spokespersons of multiple animation makers (manufacturers selling BDs and DVDs) as its name, launches projects, booklets Mr. Yuuma Takahashi of Aniplex also serves as editor in chief. The following is a message from Ms. Takahashi.

The concept of this "cross-manufacturer animation guide" booklet is, in a nutshell, "complete all!"
Since I do not want to see the works I created hard, I do not want to go flowing, so I am making it together for years, with the idea of ​​having volunteer opportunities (exposures) to all works with volunteers of manufacturer advertising men.

Until now, I made twice a year with comic matching in the summer and winter, and a total of 20,000 copies were distributed by the venue and Animate, but I thought that it would become a further opportunity for the work and everyone's encounter, I challenged to digitize it.

Bukkake, now, I think there are times when I do not know when to see it is interesting.
I think that this booklet is glad if it becomes a map at such time.

Illustrations and staff interviews such as various works such as works that start broadcasting from January, further works, works that are nearing the theatrical release are coming up, and that is something that is not funny for sale .New animation list starting winter season (New Year) 2015Please find and enjoy your favorite work in conjunction with.

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