I tried to use 'Nyannucou' which hides the scratches of the cute and hides it cute

Even if the cat is caught or caught by a cat that is likely to be misunderstood, "Messages like that I did it?" "Messages from Nya." "I got it." An illustration of a cat tells the criminal of the wound, and if you do not explain to the other person, you can understand that "Ah, cat bruising" is BansoukouNaniwa"is. manga artist·Yamano RinkuIn the original plan, the illustration of a cat that is too cute was a design that I wanted to use even if it was not a cat scratch, so I actually tried using it while playing with a cat.

Birth from Twitter! "Nyanno" to cat scratches. The idea of ​​a cartoonist · Rin Ryurin Yamano finally commercialized! │ cat goods planning │ cat blog │ Felissimo cat part │ Felissimo

Mr. Yamano took the opportunity to commercialize on TwitterFelissimo cat partPosting to the address. It is said that a design to be commercialized by voting by more than 500 users was selected from multiple original drawings.

By the way, Nyan arrives like this.

Bansoukou is in a transparent case written as "Nyanno".

On the back side is written a caution illustration "How to express your love at ease!" "To express hard love!" And "Cuddly goubuts!", Usage notes and precautions on use are written.

Inside, there were 8 pieces in total, 4 pieces of 2 kinds wrapped in 3 pieces each.

Three kinds of warm color series of Bangsokou in which an illustration of "Kedo it I did it"? "I am sorry for it being sorry ..." "An injury from someone in Nya" was drawn.

There are three kinds of cold-colored Bantoucow called "what I did but what I did", "forgiveness ...", "I did it" There are 6 types in total.

Since each one of Bantouca is designed to be cut off, it separates and opens peri pelli.

It actually looks like this.

Even if you can scratch a place where you think "a wound in such a place ...?" Is believed to be, it will not carry any doubt because Bantoucorn will tell the criminal.

I put it on the back of the hand. It is a wound by Nya.

It is like this when stuck on the index finger.

A bit of message hid.

In that regardCat Cafe / Cat & PashaI actually visited a cat and tried it. If you prepare a Naniwa Shrine, you can play with a cat without daring to worry about "you will be wounded."

Purring. However, the cats who went to play this time were very gentle, so no new cat wounds were able to be done.

In addition, Nishiyouku is 1 set of 602 yen including tax. We are currently booking sale, shipping will be in January.

【Delivery for January】 Pierced with a sudden cat punch created with cartoonist Rin Rin Yamano! Nishiyou | Felissimo

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