Revealed the fact that 5% of net users are using extension function "Adblock" to delete advertisement

A browser extension function that erases advertisements displayed on web pages and can display only the contents of the siteAdblock Plus"Is highly valued as a convenient one for viewers to avoid seeing eyesore advertisements and has greatly expanded the number of users worldwide. However, for advertisers and advertising companies posting advertisements paying for expenses, it can be a major problem related to their survival. Frederik · Fuyu talks about the current situation and problems concerning the growth of such Adblock in the blog.

The Rise of Adblock Reveals A Serious Problem in the Advertising Ecosystem | Monday Note

A German company "EyeoThe browser extension developed byAdblock Plus, The number of users is steadily increasing corresponding to major browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and others. However, if it turns out backwards, it is clear that for advertisers it becomes "disturbing activities" that disturb their own sales activities,"Adblock's business model is illegal" can be sued by advertising companyThe case has also occurred.

Aimed to "reconstruct a fair relationship between Internet users and content creators to protect the future of the Internet"PageFairWhenAdobeThe report summarizing the usage of ad blocking highlights the fact that the mechanism of ad blocking is now becoming mainstream on the net.

(PDF file) Adblocking goes mainstream 2014 report

The report announced that the number of Adblock users worldwide as of the second quarter of 2014 was 144 million users. This is 4.9% of the net population of the whole world. Moreover, it can be seen from the graph that the growth rate rises around the year 2013.

It has also been revealed that Google Chrome was the driving force behind its growth. For the second quarter of 2013 to the second quarter of 2014, the number of users grew by 21% for Firefox, 96% for Google Chrome, it is clear that the number of users was almost doubled .

Not only does not display disturbing advertisements for users, it is a highly convenient Adblock because the machine power of PCs consumed to display advertisements is released, but for one advertiser it is a serious situation It is natural course of saying. Reducing the number of ad impressions means that the Internet advertising industry as a wholeecosystemIt also leads to the destruction of the opposition opinion does not fail.

Mr. Fuyu announced in the blog "Actually, I am also using Adblock". The reason is not simply because it is an obstacle, it is said to use limited machine resources effectively. In some cases, when you open a page with lots of advertisements, the browser program first calls modules used for advertisement display and requests advertisement content for each ad server.

When there are many, it is invoked with requests reaching as many as 15 pieces of content that is stuffed with contents to draw an eye out, and it is often that readers of huge files are loaded because the creator does not perform file optimization . The power of the machine is used for this process, the fans turn around hard and produce noise, and the processing capacity of the work being done elsewhere falls ...... Mr. Fuyu's problem to think. In order to avoid this, Mr. Fuyu introduced Adblock, in fact, regaining the machine power which was wasted, he says that he can maintain a faster and stable net environment.

Although Adblock Plus can be said to be useful for improving convenience in this way, on the other hand, "Eyeo certified"Acceptable advertisements(Acceptable Ads) "does not block, there is a problem here, Mr. Fuyu points out.

The criteria of that "acceptable advertisement"Publish on siteAlthough it is being done, its standard (manifesto) is considered as follows.

1: Things not to be annoying
2: It does not disturb or distort the contents which the page originally has
3: Transparency that does not hide that it is an advertisement
4: Things that can not make a loud noise
5: What is appropriate for the displayed site

At first glance, the most extreme items are listed, but Mr. Fuyu pointed out that Eyeo does not clarify its concrete standards, and the cost of managing from "multiple organizations" that agree with that manifest There is a problem with adding to the "whitelist" that receives funds to cover Adblock Plus ad block.

ByBrett Davies

Eyeo emphasizes that things that are contrary to the manifest are not whitelisted and that there is no way to "buy" whitelisted for a fee, but Mr. Fuy says that Eyeo will receive $ 30 million 3.5 billion yen), and summarizes the main points of the problem to be solved as follows.

· It is impossible for a single organization to select "acceptable advertisements". Especially when the standard is unclear (like Eyeo).
· The point that Eyeo's system supplements the blank part of "incompleteness" and "slandiness" that exists in the Internet advertising industry should be accepted.
· The growth in the number of advertisement block users is due to "deflationary feeling spreading in the digital advertising economy" and "Ad ExchangeYaReal time biddingHigh degree of dependence on "as a result of trends that will cause advertising sales to decline.

In addition, Mr. Fuyu pointed out that it is necessary for the publisher (advertisement distributor) side and the advertiser side to create a mechanism to eliminate bad advertisements about the same table in order to realize the form of advertisement that should be originally. However, "I have not found a qualified person who is still responsible for that role."


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