Plan to install cameras to 50,000 cops to prevent scandals

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Police officers shoot unprotected black boyDue to the incident that occurred in the United States scandals by police officers became a big problem temporarilyUp to riotsDid. Meanwhile, the White HouseLaw enforcement agencyIt is clear that we are promoting a plan to attach a body camera to 50,000 police officers in order to prevent scandals of policemen who work for them.

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Obama wants to buy 50,000 body cams for police, monitor military gear handouts | Ars Technica

According to a survey report published by the White House, the federal government spends a total of 263 million dollars (about 31 billion yen) over the next three years to "expand trainings to law enforcement agencies" and "police reform We will promote the addition of equipment aimed at. " This "addition of equipment for police reform" includes a plan to deploy 50,000 body cameras to local law enforcement agencies by spending $ 75 million (8.9 billion yen) over three years It is.

Currently in the United States, an incident where an unprotected black boy was shot dead by a white police officer in August 2014 at Ferguson, Missouri has become a big problem. To prevent such scandals, the Obama administration delegated the preparation of a report to the White House.

The outline of a case where a black boy was shot by a white police officer is as follows. Police officers shoot unprotected boys or Missouri

Michael Brown (18), who died, had just graduated from high school and decided to enter the university on November 11. According to the state ferguson police announced, the police officer was forced to get off the police car on the 9th afternoon, Mr. Brown was pushed back into the car and it seemed to be robbed of weapons.
After this, Mr. Brown got a bullet in the patrol car and was said to have received a shoot at a distance of about 10 meters from the police car. However, the police avoided detailed explanation for this reason, because it does not want to give a prediction.
All the drugs found on the site were fired from police officers. Mr. Brown is confirmed on how many shots were shot, but he said that it was "more than a few".
On the other hand, multiple witnesses testified that Mr. Brown did not do anything to be shot and was shot dead, although he did not appear to resist. A friend who was with me was walking in the middle of the road and the police car stopped and caught by a police officer and I was warned to walk on the sidewalk. After talking about several words, Mr. Brown talks that he was shot in a state that raised both hands.

In this case, the testimony of the police side and the testimony by the witness are different, and from this it seems that some saying "You should oblige to wear cops' body camera" was raised in part.

The survey report released this time is to make a proposal of the bill to the last, details of whether these laws are actually adopted or details of the bill will be changed is completely unknown, but the survey The White House, which released the report, stated that "We will make concrete recommendations within 120 days for related organizations working together, law enforcement agencies, citizenship, citizenship organizations, etc." Skeptical opinions also exist in this bill,Previous research, It has been found that the wearing of a body camera has the effect of dramatically reducing both the "use of force" by the policeman and the "complaint" by the citizen.

In addition, some policemen are already obliged to wear body cameras, black aged shoot death case happenedFerguson police in MissouriIt seems that it is obliged to wear 50 body cameras provided by private companies.

ByKevin Lim

In the survey report released by the White House, there are also concerns about excessive militarization of the local police, and there is a possibility that the "military oversight" of the military by the US Department of Defense will be transferred to the law enforcement agency "1033 program"Point out that 78,000 items of equipment are transferred to law enforcement agencies in 2013.

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