"LinkNYC" capable of 1 giga high-speed communication & free calling to free public wireless service without evolution is born

As public wireless LAN services that anyone can use the Internet for free are kept widespread, ultra high speed communication of 1 Gbps (1 gigabit per second) can be done for free, and it can be used as a free public telephone, and it can be used as a charger of a smartphone for free Public wireless service like a dream that will also become "LinkNYCIt is clear that it will start in New York in the USA.

CityBridge | LinkNYC

NYC to blanket the city in free public Wi-Fi with 10,000 stations | Ars Technica

New York City announced the plan of public wireless LAN service called "LinkNYC". LinkNYC uses 1Gbps high-speed communication and IP phone by installing dedicated equipment which is narrower and taller than the public telephone (telephone box) which is currently widely used replacing the existing public telephone, It is said that they will realize free domestic calls in the United States.

Furthermore, it is expected that high-performance public services will be offered, including sending out information on displays built into the main unit and charging functions of mobile phones such as smartphones. In addition, designing special equipment is a design office of Mr. Nobuaki Udagawa industrial designer known for handling the vehicle design of the New York subwayAntenna DesignI am in charge.

LinkNYC is a project promoted by New York City and private companies including Qualcomm as a unified public and private enterprise and all the maintenance costs such as wireless communication cost and electricity cost of special equipment are covered by advertisement income displayed on the display . Furthermore, it is announced by New York City that not only the maintenance cost but also the replacement cost of about 5 million dollars (about 590 million yen) with the existing telephone line is planned to be covered by advertisement income.

The display is touch screen compatible, it will be used not only for advertisement display but also for guidance to get various information about New York City. And it will also function as a message to 911 which is number 110 in Japan and 311 which is the window for consumers to tell complaints. In other words, citizens of New York will be able to get higher quality administrative services without tax burden.

The LinkNYC service is scheduled to start service within 2015 with the approval of related ministries and agencies, with 10,000 specialized equipment installed in the city.

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