UQ Communications adopt WiMAX Release 2.1 as the next-generation standard and offer "UQ WiMAX 2 + (provisional)"

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UQ Communications as UQ WiMAX Next Generation Service "UQ WiMAX 2 +(Provisional) "for the first time. This is due to WiMAX Forum announcing the new WiMAX standard "WiMAX Release 2.1".

Introduction of Next Generation Service "UQ WiMAX 2+ (tentative name)" | UQ WiMAX - High speed mobile Internet with wireless broadband

UQ Communications offers UQ WiMAX service from February 2009. As of the end of September, the population coverage ratio is about 93%, the number of subscribers is 362 000 subscribers.

Currently UQ adopts the "WiMAX Release 1.0" standard, but WiMAX Forum recently announced the new "WiMAX Release 2.1" standard. It has affinity with the conventional WiMAX standard including 1.0,TD-LTEIt also ensures compatibility with the format.

The road map of the WiMAX standard is like this.

By adopting this "WiMAX Release 2.1" standard, UQ Communications will offer a faster WiMAX service environment and will offer the next-generation WiMAX service "WiMAX 2 +" that can be seamlessly used even in already-developed WiMAX areas I will consider it. As for the 2.1 standard, we plan to introduce UQ to the frequency of the new 20 MHz width currently requested by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

Presentation of WiMAX Forum is here.

The WiMAX Forum® Extends WiMAX Advanced Roadmap to Support Multiple Radio Access Technologies

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