The world's smallest and lightest keyboard "Twiddler 3" that enables high-speed typing with one hand operation

It is unnecessary to type with both hands, and a device that can input characters like a keyboard with one hand is called "Twiddler 3"is. In addition to smartphones, tablets and PCs, Twiddler 3 can also be used for Google Glass and smart watches, and typing is a product that seems to be a tremendous turnaround.

Twiddler 3

Here is Twiddler 3, 12 buttons corresponding to the keyboard are arranged on the front.

"Num" "Alt" "Ctrl" "Shift" is carried at the top of the back

The size of Twiddler 3 is 1.74 inches (4.42 centimeters) wide and 4.84 inches (12.3 centimeters) length. As you can see from side, button arrangement is easy to understand.

When using Twiddler 3, just grab it with one hand OK. Because it is the size that fits in the hands, it is unlikely that it will be difficult to hold.

Red, blue, and green colors are allocated to the button at the top, and it operates with a combination of three buttons and nine buttons arranged at the bottom. For example, you can press "SP red" and "DEL OX?" At the same time to input "O". If you press a button without combining it with three buttons, a black character will be entered.

A tutorial for those who say "I do not know how to type" is published at the following URL.

Twiddler 3 :: Typing Tutor

Since Twiddler 3 can be connected wirelessly and typed, it is said that when you work with a wearable device such as Google Glass or Smart Watch, you can maximize your skills.

In addition, Twiddler 3 is currently sold only for developers who have applied for preliminary recruitment, and it is undecided whether sales will begin for the general public.

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