I actually used the "14-day Manga family course" that allows my professional to correct my illustrations

From Thursday, November 20, a tool to draw manga and a 14-day lesson book has become a set, with a video lecture and a service that allows professionals to correct their illustrations14 days Manga family course"Will be released.The content of the set has already been postedHowever, as I was wondering exactly what kind of correction service is done, I actually tried using the service after considering the contents of the lesson book.

14 days Manga family course | Job Academy | Takara Tomy

"Manga family course for 14 days" can learn about manga drawing in 14 lessons Lesson BOOK · Millipen · Original Tone · Original Original Paper · Exercise Sheet · Cornering Application Sheet · Torres Base · Movie Lecture is set, Contents of Contents Contents for Manga Progress. Details can be checked from the following article.

Tres studio · video lecture · I tried using the "14-day Manga family course" which will allow manga to be drawn on 14th until correction of professional - GIGAZINE

This is lesson BOOK.

The way the lesson BOOK progresses is as follows.

Lesson Day 1: How to make comic?
Lesson Day 2: How to use cartoon tools
Lesson Day 3: Let's use the trace stand!
Lesson Day 4: Good place on the trace table
Lesson Day 5: Let's draw a face
Lesson Day 6: Let's draw the face separately!
Lesson Day 7: Let's draw the body
Lesson Day 8: Let's learn the background · directing!
Lesson 9th day: Manga power up by tone processing!
Lesson Day 10: How to make comics / Story
Lesson 11th day: Let's think about your own original character!
Lesson Day 12: Let's know about coma!
Lesson Day 13: Let's move a character along a story with my own picture!
Lesson 14th Day: Let's draw manga!

So I tried to read in order from the first day. For example, on the 3rd and 4th days we focused on how to use the trace base, so we challenge the trace using the trace base of the set contents and the "trample model sheet".

web pageIn the video lecture seen in "It is explained that two sheets of paper are fixed with tape when treshed", so I follow. The video lecture and the lesson BOOK are not corresponding contents, but in addition, a deeper understanding is obtained.

Place the paper on the trace base.

Turn on lights.

Let's trace carefully because the picture of the example set down is visible through

Lesson As I explained the usage and the tricks of the millipen during the third day, I will also try using this.

The part where the shadow falls · The portion before this as seen from the reader · Because the line of the part with the step is to draw with thick point, I draw the line carefully while moving the paper in the direction which is easy to draw.

Lesson It is an item of "Tone processing improves manga power!" We will process using the attached tone.

Attach a tone with a cutter. It is quite difficult.

"Lesson 10th Day: How to Make a Manga! / Story" has written the characters, character setting, story making tips etc from the character's character making of the hero, and it will proceed next while convincingly it is convinced.

On the 12th and 13th day of Lesson, there are a method of coming out and a method of trying to move a character along a story with his own picture. Since 1P manga plot and a model sheet containing characters and atari 's comes in, we think about "how to express with manga on your own" and actually draw manga based on the plot I can go.

In 13 days, I learned how to draw a picture, how to make a story, how to set a character well, and the last Lesson's title is "Let's draw manga!"

In addition, the set also includes what is called "correction application sheet", describing the picture of the character he thought and the story of manga that the character's name · profile · character appears · describe points devised when expressing it Then send it to Japan Manga Juku by mail or e-mail, it is possible for a professional lecturer to correct his own picture.

Although the picture needs to be monochrome, since it was OK with pen insertion and tone going on, I drawn using the technology cultivated in 14 lessons.

I was able to prepare both settings and illustration.

If you mail it, you can put it in an envelope and post it in an envelope, but this time I will send an illustration using e-mail, so please use the scanner 2 sheets for application and a correction service application ticket bundled with the set Scan it, attach the data to the mail, and send it to the specified address.

Illustrated by having me corrected that it is kore. The points on balancing and drawing illustrations when drawing people with red pen on the submitted illustrations are written.

"It would be a good idea to make your head a bit smaller as it is a headache impression!" From "those that lead directly to future progress" such as "Let's fit the size and length of the arm on the left and right!", "I am connected to hell I thought that a more terrifying design would be okay if it is an eye "," points that were based on the character setting that I submitted that "the born cursed left eye is connected to hell" was also written.

The comment "When you draw your legs stretched out with consciousness of your joints, you will get a stereoscopic effect!" Commented with illustration and it is very easy to understand.

Even though I like to draw pictures, there is not much opportunity for a professional to check my paintings unless I attend a special school or classroom. For the 14-day Manga family course, it is useful not only for those who wish to draw manga from now on, but also for those who say "I have already drawn but I have not learned firmly" even to knowledge for further improvement or to learn techniques It became an item. The price is 4500 yen without tax.

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