"Moritete Lesson 7" released on TV 25th, which includes TV unreleased "The End of the Century! Magical Girl's Advance"

TV animation "Moto Tan" broadcasted from July to September 2007 became a hot topic because the broadcasting station had regulation restricted to the transformation scene. The DVD series final volume Lesson 7 will be released on March 25th. In Lesson 7, the 13th episode that is not televised is recorded, "Champion of the end of the century! Magical girl overall progress", but the content seems to be like "It was bad," which is not "bad."

I will introduce the scene cut.
Magical girls line up.

Somehow like a robot thing.

Is this evil guy ...?

It's packed with her weird scenes.

directed by….

Promotional images of episode 13 are distributed on the Movie page of the official website.

Morita's official website Movie

DVD "Made me" Lesson 7 is released from Bandai Visual on March 25, 2008, including tax 6090 yen. An initial benefit is a memorandum table, a calendar, an index using the illustration drawn by POP 3 points set of support for support "Magical Learning ABC Kit".

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