DVD promotion video of "Evangelion New Theatrical Version: Introduction" is Available

A special version will be released on April 25"Evangelion New Theatrical Version: Introduction" distribution of DVD promotion video began.

It is a promotion video that pushes out the main character Ayanami Rei all over, making the excitement of the new movie version revive.

Details are as below.
Evangelion New Theatrical Version Free Tuner Corner

It is written about the privilege of the special edition in the telop of the promotion video, but I want to buy a lot of benefits so much ... This is ....

According to the following link, the making image "Rebuild of EVANGELION: 1.01" which is enclosed as special benefit in the special edition includes recording of cut images in the middle of creation, and it seems that it will be content that was considerably built up.

Evangelion New Theatrical Feature Blog: Introduction

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