Why do not human beings smell their fart so much?


Total number of flatus done on the world all day is about 70 billion a day, and on average this means that you are farting about 10 times per person per day I will. About that fart, you may think that "your fart is not smelier than the fart of other people", but there seems to be a firmly scientific basis for this.

Why Do We We Like Our Own Farts? - YouTube

"Why Do We Like Our Own Farts? (Why do we like their own farts?")

A blind test on smell showed that humans have a tendency to prefer their own smells to those of others.

Briefly, humans are "songs" but "pictures" or "smells", but they tend to prefer what they are familiar with, even with the unique smell "fart" slightly different from each other, The human nose seems to be able to distinguish them, it seems that human beings tend to prefer fumes that they are accustomed to sniffing.

Humans dislike others' smell is due to the work of trying to prevent the brain from harming their bodies.

It reacts sensitively, especially to sources of disease. So, what you feel is not a very good smell is that it is often not good for your body. Furthermore, it seems that the higher the risk of the odor source is, the more human beings feel "smelly".

Surprisingly, farts are able to spread diseases, and it seems that reports showing that are actually going on in various places. It actually causes tonsillitis, fever, heart disease and carnivorous bacterial diseaseS. pyogenes streptococciIt will spread by the fart. Also, fearfully pathogens are released into the air as fine particles from manure and so on, so the fart is actually dangerous to spread pathogens. However, in modern times everyone is wearing clothes and underwear, so it is unlikely that farts pose a threat to spread disease.

It is a very important point that humans have started to like their own smells, which makes it possible for humans to maintain adequate hygiene. In addition, it seems that mothers are not feeling aversion to excrement of their children more than others.

Some people may say, "I never thought of farting at all", but some of them seem to be a little out of the way, because how much dislike a fart is disliked depends on age, gender, It depends on all factors such as culture, individuals and so on. For example, a worried or conservative person seems to be sensitive to the smell of the fart, and people with different personality, different gender and different personality will have different sensitivities to each fart.

Also, the anterior cingulate cortex of the brain plays an amazing role in farting. For example, when you realize that a man farts, humans can anticipate that smell. Also, if someone in the room with lots of people has a sound fart, the brain predicts a much more exciting odor than the reality, and sounds where there are lots of people When you perceive a fart without a fart, you may be warned about the body as "Please be careful!"

By firmly deepening understanding of the fart, even if you fart in front of you, you just felt that the brain is "Kusoshu" though not really that much! ", Science You will be able to make excuses that have been proved in a similar way.

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