"Lion middle chazukei" commemorating the 100th anniversary of Mitsukoshi's Lion statue is the King presence in Ochazuke world

Mitsukoshi is a department store that has more than 300 years of history, which started from a Kimono shop in the Edo period, Japan's first escalator and elevator was set up at the Nihonbashi head office, completed 100 years ago in 1914. At the same time, "Lion statue" was installed in front of the main entrance. To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the statue of the lion, Mitsukoshi puts "During the lion Chazuke"We sell. I was able to get on mail order this time, so I bought it and tried it.

【B】 Lion's 100th Anniversary Memorial Lion: Choshuke: Mitsukoshi · Isetan Online Store

Wrapped in wrapping paper of red and white Mitsukoshi, Chazuke arrived during the lion.

A can of gold appeared from inside.

A commemorative logo centered on the 100th anniversary of the Lion statue.

In the middle of the lion there is abalone, green tea etc, and there is clearly an atmosphere different from ordinary Ochazuke.

When I unpacked the box, I was in the middle of being wrapped like sweets, paper with instructions on straps and lion statues and how to eat ochazuke.

The strap is made of copper with a Lion statue, the design that was pretty cool. The size is rather small.

The Lion statue was created with the thought of "becoming the champion of a department store", and the motif is a lion statue in Trafalgar Square in London.

During the lion, the tea pickles are packed with packs containing the source of silver dark red pickles in the middle.

We prepared rice to eat ochazuke at once.

Take out the lion during the bag.

It is like this while the lion taken out from the bag and the source of dashi chazuke.

The Lion statue is expressed in the middle of the lion's fine hair.

When approaching, it made quite fine.

It is good to know that Matcha is used in green and Matcha is used.

Before eating, I have to open mid-course so I try to open it.

I managed to open it with a toothpick etc. in the gap. Sometimes it breaks during opening.

You can check glue and corrosion in the middle.

Place Ochazukeaki under the rice, hail the Araga, and put it in the middle, complete the hot water instead of the tea.

When I sprinkle hot water, I grew chickpeasers and sugar began to turn soft.

Origin of Ochazuke is sucking hot water.

I could also verify minced abalone inside.

It seems that it will not be delicious when the harvest becomes sluggish and the texture is impaired, so I will eat it early.

When I try to eat, it is finished in a bitter taste of matcha, a taste with a luxurious feeling different from Ochazuke such as kelp and bonito so far, so it is only Ochazuke that is sold at department stores There is a sense of quality. During the morning and the harsh taste of hail, it melted into hot water and it became a taste to appetite.

Abalone is dry, so the taste is condensed, it is a rich taste that chews with the taste of abalone bleeding and can not be tasted by other ochazuke.

The lion's fragrance is fragrant, it's crispy texture unless it is soaked in hot water. If you immerse it in hot water, the texture will be impaired, but because the fragrance of the soup becomes stronger, you can enjoy a bit more different taste.

Complete with drinking soup stock. Because it is an exclusive Ochazuke, I do not know what kind of situation to eat, but it seems to be good for Saturdays and Sundays mornings rather than sharks after drinking.

Lion middle chazuke is 10 pieces set and includes 5400 yen including tax. In Ochazuke which is 540 yen per piece, it is a price of exceptional, so I feel that it is too high for Ochazuke for myself, but it seems to be pretty pleasing if I send it by gifts such as gifts.

【B】 Lion's 100th Anniversary Memorial Lion: Choshuke: Mitsukoshi · Isetan Online Store

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