Anno Hideaki also showed his face "Japan Animation (Tora) Fair" - same trace "live broadcast report

A studio color known as the "Evangelion New Theatrical Version" and Dwango is hand-assembled, the project which started as a place for the development of Japanese animation is "Japanese Animator (Fair) Trade Fair". The first episode "dragon dentist" has been released from 7th November, but how did this work have been made on the whole, how about the artist Wang Taroro who is the author in the beginning to serve as a director? There was a live broadcast to explain what the circumstances were like.

Japanese Animator (Fair) Trade Fair

【Guest: Tsurumaki Kazuya, Kameda Shokomi】 Japan Animation (Fair) Trade Fair - the same Torres - - Starting 2014/11/10 22:00 - Nico Nico Live Broadcasting

MC was Yami Yamada, and Rikusuke Hikawa, an animated special effects filmist, served as an animation concierge.

Commentary began after the screening of "Dragon's Dentist" was first performed.

Mr. Hikawa actually explains what the "same trace" which is the title originally is, using a drawing desk. The drawing desk is made of glass at the center, so that the same picture can be torn by hitting light from the bottom, but it is called "the same tress" to trace the exact same picture. By the way, this live broadcasting venue is a studio color building in some part of Tokyo.

This time guests are Kazuya Tsurumaki, who was in charge of directing "Ryu no dentist" and Ms. Yoshinori Kameda who was in charge of animation character design.

As a special guest, Mr. Anno Hideaki who is a planner and a studio color representative also appeared. Actually Mr. Kameda might not be in time so it was said that he had been on standby to connect the bridge, but I was expressing a relief expression that the plan of the concept started without any problems. Mr. Amano's appearance was not announced and there was a big reaction in Nico Nico Live

Among the projects "Japanese Animation (Fair) Exhibition", the role of voice is to be played by two people, Mr. Koichi Yamadera and Megumi Hayashibara. This is because it is difficult for casting each time a work with large number of characters appears in the project with a lot of works and a lot of contents inside it, it is difficult to collect casts on a budgetary basis as well as physical problems Therefore, "Because it is only good if you can do with two people", as if electricity is on, "Mr. Yamadera and Mr. Hayashibara" as thought of Mr. Amano. Yamadera and Mr. Hayashibara arrived a long message that felt enthusiasm for the project, respectively.

The reason why I asked Mr. Otaroro for the first time goes back to the time when I made "The gigantic soldier appears in Tokyo". In this case, Director Shigeharu Higuchi proposed that "I want to make smell of literature" in order not to end the work with simple special effects. Mr. Ms. Anoyo has read the book because his wife Ms. Anoyo was a fan of Maijo, OK got the OK and the Miyoshi is in charge of the text in the play To Even in this project, when we are having a meal with Maijo san, "I will do it if there is planning?" When I tried it out, about 20 projects arrived, and Tsurumaki And Maiko-san selected "dragon dentist".

Since Mr. Anno is busy, after he left, a message from Maihi says that "I am nice in the animation industry" was read out. It seems that this "dragon's dentist" wanted to animate by all means in each taste of each expression method such as novel, manga, live-action movie, drama, etc.

According to Tsurumaki, originally planned to do a draft and a script, from the unique style in Maiho's novel, I am interested in what kind of cutting cuts by editing movies He thought that "You can also do the directorage?" Suddenly, Miyoshi took over as a director when he asked for it.

From among the 20 plots sent by Maihashi, I could imagine the contents from the title and chose "dragon dentist" if it seems to be this. That seems to be a story like friendship of "dragon" and "dragon dentist" simply because there is not yet a girl drawn like the main character, but the plot comes up from Maiharu now It seems that it is becoming a story like this time.

While being a novelist, Maiko who draws paintings is also in charge of a storyboard. As the idea swells rapidly, the length becomes more than ten minutes, Mr. Tsurumaki enters and presents an alternative plan to Mr. Maihiro, or "It will not be completed unless it is shortened" It finally settled in the present form.

For dragons, Maiki seems to have assumed a figure that is easy to image, as if it appears in "Dragon Quest" and so on.

This time Mr. Tsurumaki submitted an image considering "It would be a custom, then," Miyuki who saw this is "funny" and goes in this direction. However, despite designing the dragon quite a lot, in the work, the whole body can be seen only in the last one cut, so Tsurumaki seemed disappointing for a moment.

Incidentally, Yasuyuki Kosaka is in charge of character design. Originally Tsurumaki knew unilaterally in Pixiv, though there was no opportunity in Eva and others, but I was thinking that "if I can work together anyway", I was not particularly contacted, but this time I have a good opportunity It seems to be a connection that the account disappeared when it tried to contact if it was able to get in touch with the wrong name of the circle and the doujinshi title. In addition, during this work we had to exchange work by phone and e-mail, the work was proceeded without knowledge.

Mr. Kameda who was given charge of drawing director initially disregarded the original draft but there was also a part which draws, but both together, there was a taste-like place in the picture from the late 80's to the 90's, and he felt close. It seems that he thought that he could arrange for it and put it in order. However, it seems that my senior's face was not quite relaxed.

It was Mr. Tsurumaki that Mr. Tsurumaki appointed Mr. Tsurumaki's part of "Evangelion New Theatrical Version: Q" (around Unit 13 which fell to the Central Dogma against Unit 2) and is not a polite masterpiece, but a fear Drawing action not to do, especially because Asuka liked Tsurumaki san often drew. Tsurumaki says, "If you can draw a cute girl you can be a director of drawing!"

Kaori Oyama is in charge of the music of the work. It seems that Maihashi-san got a considerable amount of disposition and it was quite a difficult job to respond to it.

Anime concierge Ryusuke Hikawa commented on the points of the work at the "Hikawa ___ ___ 2" corner. The one I cited this time is the "layout of high altitude fear", the fear using this high place is a history that is used for a long time in movies, but why do you feel the height of animation's original picture is just a plane He explained us.

The ratio of scales on the left hand side (front side) and scaling on the right side (back side) is changed when the scales of the dragon appear bigger, but this ratio was calculated at the time of the layout, creating powerfulness by Perth It is.

The other is a part using clouds. When seniors first explain, clouds are drawn towards the top when camera work is from underneath.

As everyone moves forward, the clouds will move slowly as they go.

With this cut, instructions to move "1.3 mm / K" on the cloud on the right, 1.3 mm per cone are written. It used the image of the audience that the clouds are high.

However, if you notice the clouds are coming to the feet of the character ... ...

When the girl falls, it will be sucked into the cloud. In this way, the technique of how to spin up the impression that it is continuously connected, and to change the position of the cloud so that the customer does not notice it is used. Incidentally, clouds can create space easily without cost, Hayao Miyazaki and others are good at using clouds.

And the commentary live broadcast is "the history of creators" to the corner closer to the personal aspect of the guest.

First of all it was a question "Were you interested in animation?" However, Mr. Tsurumaki did not recall anything because it was seeing animation from childhood. Meanwhile, Mr. Kameda thought that he wanted to enter the industry is that he saw Eva, so he worked with Mr. Tsurumaki and participated in the project with Mr. Anno and I am having a happy time Answer.

Kameda's favorite genre is basically for children. Because I do not want to disappear what I have seen, I told you I want to do for children. Tsurumaki likes robot animation, and that it is love comedy.

In addition, it is said that "You are a cat faction? A dog school?" That came out from the pretense that he thought of gathering answers from creators and making a law. Mr. Tsurumaki is a cat faction by an immediate answer, Mr. Kameda says, "Although it was a dog school, I heard that cats are also good these days," Mr. Hikawa says, "Is this related to animation?" Calm tsukkomi It was included. Is there anything that you can see something when gathering answers ...?

Finally, Tsurumaki's answer came from saying that the responses to "What is animation?" Were written on the colored paper is "Anime is animation." Since this is an animation lover, there is no need for animation to be substituted by something else, the answer is that animation is animation.

And from Mr. Kameda ... .... "←", that is, Tsurumaki-san, the answer that animation is animation.

Mr. Hikawa says, "Although it is a work of seven minutes, it was fun by dozens of times," the commentary on live broadcasting, when you look at "dragon dentist" again, look at the height and the movement and position of the clouds .

"Japanese animator (trade fair) trade fair" the second episode is "HILL CLIMB GIRL" by Mr. Yato. According to Ms. Hikawa, it is hard work to draw a bicycle with animation in a work of a bicycle thing, so please look forward to what kind of image it will be.

Episode 2 "HILL CLIMB GIRL" trailer / Japanese animation (fair) trade fair - Nico Nico Douga: GINZA

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