The possibility that the deterioration of olfactory sense indicates that lifespan is approaching

ByDennis Wong

"Olfactory" which is counted as one of the five senses is to sense chemical substances and to recognize it as a smell in the brain, when I smell good, I feel happy, my appetite increases, and on the contrary I have a bad smell You may feel uncomfortable when you do. Experiments on that sense of smell were conducted by the research team at the University of Chicago and it turned out that we could find a relationship between olfaction and lifespan.

Your Sense of Smell Could Predict When You'll Die

BBC News - Sense of smell 'may predict lifespan'

A research team led by Professor Jayant Pinto of the University of Chicago conducted an experiment to discriminate the smell of peppermint, fish, orange and leather for 3005 people aged 57 to 85 with smell of peppermint, fish, orange and leather. 78% of the subjects were able to discriminate more than 4, about 20% could discriminate between 2 and 3 smells, while the remaining 3.5% could only split one or nothing at all.


Five years after the experiment to distinguish odors, the research team investigated the presence or absence of the subjects, and 430 people who were 12.5% ​​of the subjects had already died. A further survey revealed that 39% of the people who were said to have "remarkably low olfaction" found that 19% of those who were said to be "slightly olfactory" died . On the other hand, only 10% of the subjects who had a normal sense of smell equivalent to 78% of the subjects died within 5 years.

Professor Pinto says, "Declining olfaction is not directly related to death, but it can be taken as a warning or warning that something in the body is moving in a bad direction," he said. Martha McClintock psychology professor at the university said, "From the experiments it can be understood that the decrease in olfactory sense is a signal indicating a decline in ability to produce substances that can counteract causes directly related to death such as disease I will.

ByStuart Boreham

Because the decrease in olfaction is caused by various factors such as cold and allergy, it is premature to cause a panic just because the sense of smell has become dull, but in the case that you feel that olfactory has decayed for a long time though it is nothing with a disease It is said that you should see a doctor at a medical institution.

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