SimCity's game creator reveals development confidentiality?

"Sim CitySimulation game represented by "Sim seriesDevelopers ofWill · LightIn response to an interview commemorating the 25th birthday of Sim City that keeps engraving on the history of the game since its release in 1989, his thoughts on development confidentiality and sim city at the time were expressed as "Medium".

SimCity That I Used to Know - re: form - Medium

SimCity is a company founded by Mr. Wright "Maxis"A simulation game for PC released in 1989. After releasing in 1989, SimCity gained popularity to be serialized and became the first online work in the sixth series in 2013Sim City (2013)"Has been released, and has established a position of immovable in simulation games.

SimCity's basic game system will be "to develop the town in the game and increase the number of residents", but three factors of R (residential), C (commercial), I (industrial) It is a characteristic of SimCity that you can build a city by considering the balance of demand indicators consisting of demand, develop electricity and transport infrastructure, and manage finely.

Mr. Wright who developed the game system says that he focused on developing the complex work of building a city, focusing on the user's instinct and intuitive part. It is not only to develop the city but also to develop a game element that is easy for the player to say that "the car is actually traveling on the road", "the movement of the person becomes active if the commercial facility is installed near the residential area" It seems to have captured, squeezed the player well with complicated work.

SimCity's concept of "linking games and players" is also utilized in the financial management part in the game. The game element that "the profit is raised with a limited budget and the city is expanded" is small compared to urban development, but it is said that the player thought precisely to be able to link the game and the real world Thing.

Mr. Wright said, "While playing the game, players will understand Sim City and at the same time play games with instincts and instincts, that is, acquire intuitive management skills. Even if you read a book, you will never get it. "I can understand how imparting realistic elements to connect players and games is important to the development site of SimCity.

Regarding the player's enjoyment of SimCity, Mr. Wright expressed that "the player is exploring" Possibility Space "at Sim City. Mr. Wright's "Possibility Space" is the potential appeal of the game which the player spreads by freely selecting. In Sim City where the future of the city is determined with every single player's action, the Possibility Space is infinitely spreading. Possibility Space is a very important factor in contemporary game development, for example, "Grand Theft Auto Series" utilizes Possibility Space to give players greater freedom and gained great popularity all over the world.

How to enjoy SimCity is different depending on the player, making a city with a beautiful landscape, trying to make the scenery delicate on purpose. By asking the player to select the shape of the target city, the player seems to be able to reflect self-worth and sensibility in the Possibility Space.

Also, Mr. Wright says, "I think that our brain is made to enjoy entertainment, because entertainment is an essential part and leads to education, for example if a child does something Children are fun and kidding when driving hard, in other words that children are consuming entertainment, although children are learning through playing and the part of enjoyment of the essence of entertainment, In fact, there is a big barrier between entertainment and education, I think that SimCity is one of the tools to get rid of that wall, "SimCity Not only for entertainment but also for education.

SimCity is a work entailing the imperfections of game developers that link the game and the real world well, give a virtual experience that actually develops cities to players, and learn through games.Add Minecraft to the compulsory courses of the schoolMovement to incorporate games into real education in real society has come out recently, and Mr. Wright seems to have inherited the thought of "removing the wall between entertainment and the game" that Simcity put in.

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