The creator of masterpiece 'DOOM' which caused revolution in game history to look back on the past in commemoration of 25th anniversary

The world popular first person shooter game (FPS) released by id Software in 1993 is " DOOM ". Mr. John Romero who is the creator of such DOOM updated his own blog and looked back on the development of 25 years ago in an article titled "Reflections on DOOM's Development".

Reflections on DOOM's Development -

The share game software "DOOM" which was uploaded to the University of Wisconsin server on December 10, 1993 attracted the attention of game fans all over the world from its extreme, recorded the number of download sales of 15 million or more, "FPS" It is said to be a leading player who spread the genre called. After that, DOOM is sold a lot of series titles such as "DOOM II", "FINAL DOOM", "DOOM 64", and " DOOM " which rebooted the first DOOM with the latest technology is released in 2016.

In addition to the PC-DOS version, the original DOOM was ported to many platforms including PC-9801 & 9802 version, Windows version, Linux version, Macintosh version, Super Nintendo version, PlayStation version, Sega Saturn version. Also, not only gaming machines and PCs, but fans who transplant arbitrarily to various computers such as printers , digital cameras , oscilloscopes , cars, etc. have appeared, "DOOM is transplanted when things with screen are hacked "Hacker culture called birth also was born.

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When I issued a press release of DOOM in January 1993, Mr. Romero left a bold comment that "DOOM is a major cause of productivity decline around the world". This comment is never over for Mr. Romero, he seems to have worked hard to make it really. However, Mr. Romero says, "We do not recommend putting out such a press release when we start the project."

There are only six DOOM development members. The main part of the game is built by Mr. John Carmack who was also called Romero's right arm. Mr. John Romero said that he made fine adjustments to the source code while designing maps and difficulty as a designer. Although it seems that the development system by only six people was quite severe, "When we all finished development, we noticed how we made a wonderful game," Romero wrote.

What I was using to develop DOOM seems to be the OS " NeXTSTEP " and the high-end workstation " NeXTstation " created by Mr. Steve Jobs who was exiled from Apple. Thanks to NeXTstation it became possible to develop with the latest 3D engine, and at that time it was possible to do phenomenal graphics and design expression, Romero said. For example, it seems that it can be said thanks to the development of this 3D engine that "far things appear dark and nearby objects look bright".

The design of each map was done in the "DoomEd map editor" created by the development team. In this map editor created with Objective-C , it seems that it was able to adjust while checking the actual game screen on NeXTSTEP, "It really helped development with these tools," Romero He recollects.

Furthermore, application of a binary space partition by Bruce Naylor who was a development member has exploded the 3D rendering. It seems that it has become possible to express textured floors and ceilings, stairs, doors and blinking lights. In addition, until that time it was only able to create a maze-like map with only a 90-degree turning point, as it was now possible to freely attach the wall angle, destroying the existing concept of map composition about.

In addition, Mr. Romero recalls that he was playing the TRPG's " Dungeons & Dragons " well, sewing between DOOM development. The novel idea that supports the world view of DOOM that "the devil comes from hell to the future world" will be born from the play of Dungeons & Dragons.

One of the points at which DOOM was revolutionary at the time was that it was equipped with "multiplayer mode" and "deathmatch mode" using the network. When I saw the two players releasing the rocket in the big room, Mr. Romero said that the excitement did not cool, "By incorporating the multiplayer mode and the death match mode into DOOM, everything about the game It has changed, "says Romero.

Mr. Romero made it possible to change the data of their game by daringly making it so that players can freely replace textures and sounds and create new maps. This judgment of Mr. Romero was correct, and many players who actually make extension for DOOM individually have appeared. In other words, DOOM can be regarded as a fire of modern " MOD " culture.

Mr. Romero said at the end of the article, "I had a wonderful 25 years, I must thank the game media that took over the fans and DOOM many times before." John Carmack We must also appreciate the development staff, including DOOM Eternal, which was developed in 2013 E 3, said, "It was our dream to enable DOM." I'm commenting that you are expecting as well as fans.

In addition, in commemoration of 25th anniversary, Mr. Romero announces that it will release the new expansion pack "SIGIL" for the first DOOM released in 1993 free of charge in February 2019.

SIGIL Announcement - YouTube

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