Finally succeeded in playing DOOM in DOOM

The first-person shooter (FPS) game '

DOOM II: Hell on Earth ' released as software for MS-DOS in 1994 uses the same game engine as the first DOOM , but with complex and diverse maps. A large number of enemies and weapons were added, and the first edition of 600,000 was a huge hit that sold out in just one month. DOOM has very few environment-dependent parts in the source code, so it is known that it has been ported by volunteers to various platforms from Linux to Porsche 911 to Twitter , but reverse engineer kgsws Finally, we announced that we have succeeded in porting DOOM II into DOOM II.

You can see how DOOM II is actually started on DOOM II in the following movie.

You can run Doom inside (DOS) Doom, for real. --YouTube

This 'Launch DOOM II on DOOM II' is made possible by a bug in the calling function. The following calling function calls the graphic associated with a predetermined unique ID from the map file in DOOM II, but it seems that special processing is performed for a specific ID, and arbitrary code can be executed here. It is said to be vulnerable.

Therefore, kgsws' attempt was to use this vulnerability to execute code and launch DOOM II within DOOM II.

First, start DOOM II.

Start DOOM II on the subsequently started DOOM II.

To play DOOM II on DOOM II, kgsws created a map. The DOOM II screen will be displayed on the specified wall of the created map.

Not only playing the video, but pressing the F12 key will switch to the operation of DOOM II started in DOOM II.

In addition, kgsws is creating more complex maps to play DOOM II comfortably with DOOM II.

A room where you can set the DOOM II startup program

Heading to the theater-style room ...

DOOM II is projected. 'DOOM-IN-DOOM BY KGSWS' is displayed at the top of the screen.

You can also maximize the gameplay display, so you can switch the screen to DOOM II while playing DOOM II.

There is also a room surrounded by the DOOM II play screen on all sides.

Also, other games can be executed as long as the game uses the same game engine as DOOM. The following is playing '

Heretic '.

Also, a

snake game using DOOM II graphics ...

You can also play

asteroids .

The tool 'DOOM-in-DOOM' for playing DOOM on DOOM is published on GitHub by Mr. kgsws.

GitHub --kgsws / doom-in-doom: Doom 2 code execution. With a Doom port.

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