Advices sent to entrepreneurs who have succeeded Twitch · Instagram · GROUPON etc. "Startup Notes" 2014 edition

Planning to publish notes that the founder of a famous enterprise wrote about his vision of business and the progress of services as an advice to the entrepreneur "Startup NotesThe 2014 version of "The 2014 version has been announced. Messages are being sent to entrepreneurs from around the world from entrepreneurs who celebrates now, such as GROUPON · Instagram · Twitch 2014 edition.

2014 Startup School

◆ 01:Ron Conway(SV Angel)
Ron Conway's note known as the "legendary investor" heading venture capital SV Angel.

The word "Entrepreneurs are born entrepreneurs" is a message saying "cast a life in corporate activities" if it turns out back.

The company has ideas of founder.

The qualities that should be born are guts, ambition, aggressiveness, perseverance, curiosity, and intelligence. The qualities that should be learned are management ability, leadership power, scout power, ability to share vision, ability to inspire people.

To start a business is the hardest thing in my life.

"It is always" people "at the center of SV Angel's investment."

A good founder is like a sniper that aims at. Whether functioning or not will work, success and failure are like two sides of a single piece of paper.

◆ 02:Danae Ringelmann(Indiegogo)
Notes of Danae Ringelmann who launched the cloud funding site Ingiegogo.

A creator entrusts destiny to a third party and should be passionate about what he / she is working on "

Lesson 1: To understand the question "Why?" In myself. My feeling "Why?" Discards the ego, attracts wonderful people, and tells you the strategies to be acquired.

Lesson Lesson 2 is to be conscious of your own CULTURE (thinking style). The heart, confidence, cooperativeness, confidence that does not know fear from the CULTURE oozes.

Lesson 3: Technology is a result and not a means.

◆ 03:Kevin Systrom(Instagram)
Note sharing service of image sharing service Instagram Kevin Systrom note.

Silicon Valley is tolerant of "failure". If the problem is not an idea but a skill shortage, gradually gain experience.

Also, you should throw out perfectionism.

People who are different from what you say and what you actually do are common. However, it is important that entrepreneurs constantly embrace their ambitions.

Everyone would say "Your thoughts are wrong." It is certain that 99% of the ideas will not work. However, you should not convince yourself to say so. You should persistently pursue your ideals.

It is important to convince yourself. There is nothing else to persuade myself.

Do not do something meaningless. You should cease to see Twitter when you start a business.

I am very fortunate if I can get a good place, a good time, a good team. However, there are many hardships before that happens.

◆ 04:Reid Hoffman(LinkedIn)
Note of Reid Hoffman co-founder Coed founder LinkedIn, the world's largest business-specific SNS ·.

"Belief" can also be a positive qualification. Sometimes it is important to deceive yourself.

The number of really important partners in the year is at best five.

You should pay attention to places where there is no one.Blue OceanIt is possible to start the rocket start.

"Do you feel confident about the (business) idea going up or down?" Always ask yourself.

Think about "what should the world be like"? If you calculate back from the goal, something important will come into view when starting a business.

The point of investment is "Is there a possibility of producing a huge profit?" "Can we change people or organization in a good direction?" "Is it a means to do?" "Does this organization have a winning stance? ? "

It is not necessarily good for entrepreneurs because there is often excessive competition in the open market.

◆ 05:Jan Koum(WhatsApp)
Judging that Facebook is worth investing a large sum of over 1 trillion yenMessage service Mr. Jan Koum 's co - founder, WhatsApp co - founder.

The only thing that should focus on is 'customers'. Absolutely avoid avoiding users.

Since we are engineers, we just want to develop. A technician does not need a meeting.

You must not lose personality even if you get a lot of users. And you can choose who you work with for the first time you can make a profit.

The wrong idea that a lot of companies committed is "It has passed through SV (Silicon Valley), so it should be able to communicate anywhere in the world".

"The work of WhatsApp is never gorgeous, it is to fix it so as not to crash just and to provide faster service."

◆ 06:Eric Migicovsky(Pebble)
Note of Eric Migicovsky, the creator of Smart Watch Pebble.

Migicovsky's life was changed by clicking on the button "Sell" on the cloud funding site Kickstarter.

The product passed as long as it can do three things. Three things Pebble can do is to notify and call, to function as a fitness tool, to be customized. Products that provide value over time are good products.

Products to be created are those "people want"

◆ 07:Andrew Mason(GROUPON)
Notes of Mr. Andrew Mason, founder of group purchase site GROUPON of discount coupons.

A startup company is often in a state of being squished until it becomes an object, but it should be reasonable.

GROUPON said that he tried everything that was going to work.

The only thing to calculate is the secret of growth potential.

"The strategy has been reworked again and again, I do not hate a similar" clone "service that comes up like a bamboo shoot after rain, I hate it as a human being," Mason said.

Often it is dazzling by short-term interests. However, thinking from a long-term perspective is important.

It is important to be rational, except for 'my own value'. "Belief that penetrates things that believe is good is sure to pay."

◆ 08:Michelle Zatlyn& Matthew Prince (CloudFlare)
Notes of Michelle Zatlyn and Matthew Prince who established CloudFlare for CDN (wide area load distribution system) service.

CloudFlare'sMetricsIt worked very well.

However, there is no winning method in business.

Humans are not afraid of mosquitoes that kill 150,000 people afraid of sharks killing 10 people a year. But in business you should be aware of mosquitoes, not sharks.

The biggest resource for startup companies is "momentum". It must evolve faster than senior citizen.

Ego is important. But no conceit is necessary. I should work hard everything. The average number of years a company is obliged to leave the market is only eight years.

◆ 09:Hosain Rahman(Jawbone)
Notes of co-founder Hosain Rahman of wearable terminal manufacturer Jawbone.

"To keep dissatisfying customer dissatisfaction" is the royal road.

"It was more difficult to sell one million dollars (about 110 million yen) at the beginning than the subsequent 200 million dollars (about 22 billion yen)."

What is important is "thinking".

Thinking "What is the right answer?"

The user is not patient with respect to "things not functioning well."

Do not compromise in light of "conscience".

failure teaches success.

It is important to pay attention to details as well.

Solving thoroughly.

◆ 10:Emmett Shear(Twitch)
Game streaming service Twitch's co-founder Emmett Shear's note.

Because I did not give up why I succeeded even a failure.

We can not bring it close to success unless we focus on the power we have.

Even though Twitch, the momentum to drop the flying birds, it has grown with a lot of depression.

The switch that puts the light on is "to listen to the customer's voice and improve it"

The ordinary business strategy is usually good only at the beginning.

It is important to maintain your own mind and body healthily.

What I do not like will not last.

General advice is poison.

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