20 things very important to feel good if I knew when I was young

ByGiandomenico Ricci

It is said to be like a shadow of light, but there are many important things that it is only when time passes. Everyone should have something to think that it was good if I knew it when I was young. However, there is something important that is hard to notice while young. The next twenty recommendations are 20 important advices that young people do not know but are definitely important things to know.

20 Things 20-Year-Olds Do not Get - Forbes

01. Time is not infinite

ByThomas Hawk

I can hardly see young professionals who think "I do not have time to go to the next level". When I was in my twenties, I thought that time would be infinite and that whatever things I wanted would be available. But time is the only exception in a world filled with everything. Let's make the most of the opportunities now. There is a chance that will never come again.

02. Talent, sometimes it is an overvaluation

ByStriving to a goal

The raw stone that was not polished is merely a waste of potential capability. Praising is the result, talent is not to be praised. People who seem to have talent also struggled and walked the way to success. Suddenly overestimated "talent" watch out for caution.

03. Morning is the most productive time

ByMartin LaBar

According to this author, he used to say he was proud of being in the office till 3 AM in his twenties. Although I thought that I worked very hard by working for a long time after everyone got back, looking back, I was only able to do jobs without tasks as a task, and as a result, now I insist on expediting my office hours It is said that it is incorporating. Because the team can be the most active in the early hours of the day.

04. Social media is not a career

ByJason Howie

Social media has not yet been five years since it was born. Social media is merely a marketing function, it is just a way to gather more attention and users, get more income, not something that completes on its own. If you feel that your career plan is being danced by social media, let's ring the alarm bell.

05. to answer the phone


Let's not hide behind the computer when the phone rings. Business is done between people and people by phone. It is the first opportunity to speak with real people, and it is the source of business opportunities. In other words, even if the Internet evolves, it should not be withdrawn and should be answered.

06. Try to come earlier than anyone and go back later than anyone

ByMichael Kappel

This advice is useful to anyone who gets new jobs or who is developing a career as a professional. I must demonstrate myself better than anyone else and prove to be capable. If there is a certain way to do just one thing, it is only "to work harder than a colleague".

07. Do not wait until I tell you what to do

ByFrank McMains

Those without a sense of responsibility can not have rights consciousness. You will not be able to succeed if you can not move until someone told you. The phrase "No one told me to do this" is a promised recipe of failure. If it failed over, it is OK, but the failure to not do is NG.

08. Take responsibility for failure

ByEduardo Amorim

Although it makes many mistakes while young, it should not be conservative about judgment mistakes and mistakes. It can grow only by learning from mistakes, stopping justifying your own mistake.

09. Should be done seriously

ByVu Bui

Meryl Streep of "The Devil Wearing Prada" is the worst boss, but it is probably the most valuable boss. The opportunity to work with this boss will be the career stage that will enhance you most sensitivity, flexibility and adaptability. Working for those who demand excellence and work for the people who push the limits should build a sound foundation for your current progressive professional success.

10. Do not change your job every year

ByCarrie Cizauskas

The term of one year will not prove that you are a talented person who continues to grow the company. It just means that you do not have the necessary training and it will take a couple of years to master any new technology whatever. Let's work for a period longer than two to three years before leaving the office. Otherwise, why not write a resume while thinking about why you can not hire it.

11. People are more important than privileges

ByKenny Louie

Choosing a company that promises to take flex times, meals, massages, game rooms, and team trips is fashionable. These are certainly important things. However, it is not as important as the characteristics of the owner and manager of the company. A great leader will advise you and will continue a long and good relationship after leaving the job.

12. Plan for an effort to earn compensation

ByJenny Poole

I may not be allowed to do as I want to do now, but do not turn my eyes off. What I am doing today leads to what kind of place I'd like to stand at tomorrow, so I should reward and motivate only where I want to stand. If we can not connect the responsibility given to future success, it will not get a new opportunity.

13. Speak freely and do not leak out

ByAndreanne Germain

If you have problems with management, culture, roles and responsibilities you should say much, but do not talk about something like a complaint or anonymous chat to a company or colleague. If you can talk effectively about what you need to improve, you will acquire the ability to change the surroundings and professional goals.

14. Acquire specialized skills


Adding it to your resume as "I worked in a responsible position by Microsoft" is not very meaningful. Candidates who say "I can master Photoshop, HTML / CSS, iOS, WordPress, Adwords, MySQL, Balsamiq, Excel, Final Cut Pro etc" will be preferentially adopted. The former position is not questioned.

15. People need both quality and quantity

ByClaremont Colleges Digital Library

What you need to succeed in business is not 'know what you' but 'who knows'. Just knowing people in a small group or knowing a huge organization half-wayly will not make it a business opportunity. Let's meet a lot of people, keep relationships, and spend a lot of time deepening relationships as much as possible.

16. Look for at least 3 good mentors

ByGlenn Adrian

The best way to guarantee success is to imitate those who have achieved what you want. At least three counselors are in a position where you want to be so, guidance and advice by these three people will be the most valuable gift.

17. Act like the ideal image of yourself

ByJoe Shlabotnik

Even when I do not know what to do, there should be an ideal image that I want to be like this. It is beneficial to act "as if it is so" to grow up as a business person wanted as an employee, "If you are the person you want to be like, make decisions and make a decision every day Do you plan a plan and achieve a goal? "And imitate that behavior.

18. Read more books


The young generation now consumes information within 140 letters, but there is no depth. Creativity, thoughtfulness, thinking skills are released when you read books one after another. All keys that will succeed in the future are those that are among past experiences of others. Either fiction or non fiction, so let's read one book a month. Then the career will open in blossom.

19. I will make up with 25% less money than I am now

ByCurious Expeditions

If your needs are commensurate with your current income or you earn a little more salary than that, that is a condition you have the ability. You must not detain yourself with a cool car or a luxurious apartment in front of you. Due to a small income, if you miss the opportunity of a new surprised career, you are merely losing money. No matter how much money you earn, it is less than 25% that is useful for your life. Let 's do it with less than 25% of money to keep you having flexibility to pursue your dreams without being forced.

20. Do not hurt the reputation

ByAndre P. Meyer-Vitali

Over time, your reputation will be the most valuable in your business and it will be an invisible key to decide whether to open or close the door of opportunity as a professional. In the age where all things are recorded permanently and accessible on the net, your reputation must be kept like "sacred treasure", in particular. The reputation is one of those items that I can never return to once again if I lose it.

These twenty advice, regardless of how old they are even 20 years old, are considered to express "important things necessary for success". Also, these 20 advice is not a sufficient condition for success but only a necessary condition. Perhaps it is a lesson common to the 20 advice that "There is no shortcut to success besides accumulating steady efforts".

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