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ToshibaDynabook series etc. 11 models in total 23 models of fall and winter 2014Announced. this house"Dynabook T95"Is a 15.6-inch notebook PC equipped with a 4K liquid crystal display (3840 dots x 2160 dots), the processor is Intel's Core i 7. The size is 377.5 mm × 244 mm × 27.9 mm, the weight is about 2.4 kg, and it also has harman / kardon stereo speaker and DTS Studio Sound, which is the best model to enjoy video and music. Release is from October 17th, and the estimated price is seen as 230,000 yen by tax.

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

Sagrada Familia's growth forecast movie finally completed in 2026 - GIGAZINE

Is the data capacity of the download game exceeding the line speed of the broadband? - GIGAZINE

I ate a bullet train cake at the railroad café "Railway Cafe & Bar Steam Locomotive" - ​​GIGAZINE

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I made AA of this week's animated Tela フ ォ ー フ ォ ー マ ー ズ wwwwwwwwwwwwwww: あ じ ゃ し ゃ ー ー

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Flashback brought by the Nobel Prize coverage. - Sense of corporate legal warrior

Degradation of the brain: driving with "white matter lesions", firstly not turning right - Mainichi Newspaper

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CNN.co.jp: ISIS, insisting that treatment of heathen sex slaves is "legitimate"

ISIS posted an article declaring "Resurrection of Slavery" at No. 4 of the English institution magazine titled "Davik". "Making a woman of a heathen family as sex slave is accepted as a firm interpretation of the Islamic law," the act of sexually dominating the women of the Kurdish minority sects of Iraq is legitimate It is a view.

Steady strategy even under the affiliation Maruetsu, Aeon Company | Corporate strategy | Toyo Keizai online | Business site for new generation leaders

The keywords of good results are "high-quality goods", "mass eyes" and "material return."

In Maluetsu, we reduced the price of fruits and vegetables for the purpose of attracting customers in the first half of the current term, and expanded high-quality products and large-volume products with meat etc. "Although it is theory to lower the single item price and increase the number of points of purchase if it is under deflation for 20 years, we took a strategy to sell high quality products and raise unit price" (President Ueda). Also, in the past, rose sales and small amount sales were mainly based on nuclear familization, aging, and eating into individuals, but promoted the sale of high-volume products.

Is the "strongest" typhoon increasing? (Masuaki Masuda) - Individual - Yahoo! News

There is also the idea that disaster prevention information is said to be exaggerated to the extent that it is good, but it is not so far that the negative effect that information can not be believed outweighs when going with this condition.

This typhoon 19 is 970 hPa when landed.

In the past, there are Muroto Typhoon (1934) which landed at 911.6 hPa, and there are 929 hPa etc of Ise Bay Typhoon (1959) even if squeezing after 1951 with statistics.

In recent years, the typhoon that you can call the strongest in history or the strongest past is not coming to Japan.

Why is Disneyland in Paris difficult to manage? - Maihama newspaper

"The commercialization of children's sex" is the actual situation ... | Features of the whole Marunou | NHK News Good morning Japan

Stakeholders who know the video industry
"There are also some companies that are making radical progress as they say that ((law amendment) does not matter).
In fact, some companies have asked high school students to let T - back leave, or underwear wearing underwear for junior high school students.
Either one of my parents comes to me (at the shooting site), but I will let you go shopping, guide me to an esteem, and try to keep my parents away from the scene as much as possible.
In the meantime I will shoot. "

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Lawyer's false charge "It is effective to tell you to prosecute for defamation" Attorney │NEWS Post Seven

If a woman is called a pervert, she repeatedly insists that "I am doing nothing, I am misunderstanding" in the car. This is to avoid being told later that "You did not explain at first."

Then I descend to home without panic. The important thing is to record the exchange with a smartphone etc. It is to make evidence that "There was a defamatory act" and "I kept denying it all the time". Recording is a self-defense act, so you can do it secretly.

"Women say they touched the buttocks" and "I touched my chest." On the other hand, we declare clearly that "You are saying that you are the perpetrator who is the criminal, claiming defamation" .

If they claim to be different even afterwards, it will be said that they are "deliberately" damaging honor, which will be a material to support defamation claims. It is also important to ask why it is "a culprit".

Is it difficult for the residents of the Den-en-Miyako line to recover from "depression"? Find a leader that opens the era! | Toyo economic online | Business site for new generation leaders

Keio University - School student HP - [Notice] About the disposition of student organizations (October 9)

Criticism of typhoon 19 total line notice cancellation is also JR West "Can not be changed safely" - Sankei WEST

JR West anticipated the passage of Typhoon No.19, 4 o'clock on the 13th and made all 24 routes in the Keihansin area shut down as soon as the previous day's notice. The company explained that it can not be replaced safely for the first time, but the judgment was divided as a major private railroad saying, "We will decide by looking at the situation on the 13th." There is criticism from crisis management experts that "It was right to stop at the same time".

"Even if it is said that you are seeing AV" "You can do it by just listening to timing" ... "Real intention" of husband suffering from "pregnancy" (1/3 page) - Sankei News

Viking treasure discovery in the UK or NHK news

Study Why is not only Japanese people die with "cancer" in western western countries? | Wisdom of wisdom | Modern business [Kodansha]

"In Europe and the United States, the number of cancer deaths is decreasing by 5% each year approximately.In comparison with that, the increase does not stop in Japan. As of 1995, Japan and the United States were about the same degree, but after that the difference was We are opening more and more. "

The real reason the youngster grazed - Willy's brain diary

"Disposable income" that the university student subtracted the rent from the amount of remittance received, in other words, the so-called "disposable income" has fallen by more than 60% from 73,800 yen to 27,700 yen in the past 20 years. No matter how much love is blind, if you look at Hamaguchi of "One month monthly life of 10,000 yen", you really catch fish by yourself, saying "Let's keep food costs 10,000 a month instead of giving her accessories." It is obvious that it is impossible unless it is "carnivorous" enough to go to. In order to push further, items of essential items such as mobile fee and net connection fee are increasing rather than 20 years ago.

Human rights: International gaps over the rights of homosexuality: JBpress (Japan Business Press)

However, there are still five countries where homosexuals are subject to death. It is hanged in Iran and stone punishment in Saudi Arabia. Sexual sexual intercourse is prohibited by law in 78 countries worldwide, and in recent years there have been some countries that have enacted laws that make gays' homes more severe.

Regarding the treatment of homosexuality, there is a particularly large disparity among international disparities. Where is the cause of it? And, which one is a generous posture spread?

I quit my company and entrepreneurship has reached 700,000 monthly income wwwww: Kinyaku

Basic of personal time management: From the time consultant's diary

In particular, the key to time management is not "delivery date management" but "start date management" of when you must start the job. It's Friday for work deadlines, ah, it is too late to notice that today was due. If it takes three days for that work, as of Wednesday, yeah, it is important to be aware that you have to start today. Therefore, the To Do list which can not manage the start date just by filling in the deadline is useless (although such software is actually a lot in reality, it is wonderful how the software developers of the world control the work I feel it.

Student living alone, "I do not eat vegetables" is 40% troublesome, high ...: Asahi Shimbun Digital

American medicine magazine "AB type has bad memory, type A is weak against stress, type B is not overweight, type O is durable anyway"

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Mishima City who withdrew from F & amp; B goods in a deficit of 4.74 million yen had described the essence of EC in the city council | Editor's chief blog - Yasuda Hidekisa | Web personnel Forum

On the net, the flow of people like the real store in front of the station is not visible. Therefore, it may be that people who are not used to the net think that it is one place called "net" - moreover, it is "a place connected to the world".

Certainly the net is connected to the world, but no matter how much the road is connected, people will not come.

Sony's lens-style cameras "QX 1" and "QX 30" are out of supply - AV Watch

CNN.co.jp: For women not asking for a raise, they are rushing to say "good reward" Microsoft CEO's remarks

Yokohama City, Typhoon No. 19 Related Area Requesting 3.7 million citizens for DDoS attacks on Web sites by e-mail - Togetter Summary

Icons that seems to be "OK" already at SNS Ranking 1st is an animated character - Togetter Summary

Tsukishigan - Since I needed an IPv4 address recently, I applied for JPNIC but because the stock is already exhausted ...

Since I needed an IPv4 address recently, I applied for JPNIC, but because the stock is already exhausted, it is a policy that only / 22 is allocated per business, so / 22 will be allocated became.

If only 15 years ago, / 16 was easily allocated if you apply properly. Fifteen years after that, trading in the IPv4 address space has become popular nowadays, and the transfer price per IPv4 address is about 3,000 yen.

In other words, those who acquired / 16 just 15 years ago can acquire / 16 with nearly free expense (+ a slight annual maintenance fee) and still be able to hold it, which is now 190 million yen It will be property value. It is hard to see other no-risk / high return investment so far.

MySQL redundancy modelFromZaki_XL

【LINE】 9 pairs including GReeeeN, Suzuki Nana, Zunyama Kumiko, etc. are decided as "Line LINE Official Blog", the first lineup at the time of service release
It is scheduled to open on November 4.

People confused by the full-size English text of Asahi Newspaper - Togetter Summary

ASCII.jp: Monthly 500 million PV 'Beauty Clock' Unknown Business Model

About 500 million monthly page views (PV). 360 women switch every minute to let them know the time.

Online content "Beauty Clock" is operated by BIJIN & CO. (BIJIN & amp; Co.). Established in 2010. Until last year he had a beautiful watch on the company name, but in this year I refused to English name. President is Shinya Tanaka, president. A business style like a huge model office where 70,000 women register as a contract model.

Backward circumstances of the recommending system (Hacka Doll)FromYusuke Enomoto

Summary site: Actually Tsukkomi took a stema to talk, all disguised - Mainichi Newspaper

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After enjoying and watching the first episode of "Akatsuki no Yona", I learned that it is being targeted by Akatsuki - Diary of Hokusaiwolf

Umeza meteor shower goddess Cecil's audio commentary · last

"Psychosomatic Medicine Understanding by Animation" Official Site
Details will be announced on November 10.

"Sengoku Self Defense Force" Hanamura Ryo | Kousyoublog

Another thing, of course, is to scatter gashigashi with armored cars, helicopters and heavy weapons, but in a modern weapon and without a warrior in the age of warring States ... rather than building a road, supply a supply network Building and fostering engineers, building the aorta of logistics in the Kanto area, activating the movement of human monokane, increasing national power · · · where it is a plain logistic novel. Echigo Army entered the Kanto region by track one after another, was the most interesting composition.

Furthermore, thanks to the truck, the logistics has become active, the commercial prosper, the modern tactics theory taught by the modern weapons and the SDF personnel became invincible in the military, the competent young people rise successively, domestic (Takeda Despite the fact that peace was brought to the Kanto Koshinetsu area as a result of collectively destroying Hojyo Imagawa etc., the depiction of Nagao Kimiga waking up to the importance of making a world without warfare, often in recent history drama There is convincing power of a mystery which is not comparable with a certain meaning unknown pacifism Sengoku warrior boom.

A small country in the Pacific Ocean Niue, a disney character engraved on the issue of money 3 pictures International News: AFPBB News

Attitude of the seller in circle space - Togetter Summary

Dragon reversion of the free game "new admire king" was amazing! - I do not want to say, but I am a blue-headed guy

It is not the case that Takarazuka is losing to the girl game: Nikkei Business Online

Koyanagi: Originally I was an otaku and some games, I was doing a little bit, but I was a human being who has been addicted to books and comic books, movies, theater direction. It is taught to acquaintance who happened to meet in the street happily, "Trying to do it because it is interesting?", I knew the girl game "Konami's Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side", when I actually did it The world is opening.

-- Girl game?

Koyanagi: The series of "Tokimeki Memorial" is a love simulation game for men, "Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side" is for that lady. Generally speaking for such ladies, I call it "girl game". So, although I should have started the game in July, when I finished and saw the world, it was somehow in September.

- Did you warp the spacetime?

Koyanagi: August was blowing away "Are you already in September?"

- Are you going to have such deep emotions?

Koyanagi: That's right.

- Awesome.

Koyanagi: I was horrible, but I thought "I can sell a lot". Because I studied what the women so much pleased in the world, thinking through, thinking that there was a genre that was made for women, I was impressed with my heart.

Ingress (Express): psychiatrist "Ingress, it works for depression"

Homemade "Hundred ceremonies" completed, height 2 m! Mr. Okada of Hyogo · Kakogawa - Reading and looking at photos - San Yu photo

The meaning of excretion depiction of something lost "Recongister 3 episodes of G" - daily and extraordinary connections

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Do not you dare to dare "second shot"? Strategy manager says to keep Dundee Sakano continue to sell - Shirabe | Great investigation news to worry about!

US GOPRO shares plunge, reporting that Mr. Schumacher was injured | Technology News | Reuters

Figure: Daisuke Takahashi retires at the Vancouver Olympics - Mainichi Newspaper

Watanabe Ken behind the back of the Koshien wwwwwwww: What is J (a summary)?

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"Calpis ® Fruit Parlor" first release in the "Dense" series | Press Release | Calpis

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