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Manga "NARUTO" of Masashi Kishimoto who has been serialized in the Weekly Shonen Jump for 15 years,It is completed on November 10 (Monday) issue numberIt became clear that it was done. A movie released on Saturday, December 6THE LAST -NARUTO THE MOVIE-"Was stated as" Naruto, the last story (episode) ", and although it was felt that the end of serialization is near from the recent series, since 1999 it has been serialized since the beginning of the jumping pillar There is a deep emotion that one work was finished.

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

Disparity and security that I want to pay attention to in deep Peru, which is also closely related to Japan - GIGAZINE

Why is a huge concrete arrow pointing across the middle of the US? - GIGAZINE

"Machi ★ Asobi vol.11" All articles list Summary - GIGAZINE

◆ Story (memo · various others)
Featuring "Monthly Priesthood" Special Feature "The AED in the Temple Is Really Necessary" Well-Comes - Togetter Summary

Takao Okawa "Good evening, Mt. Ontake"

Contraceptive method Believe ... resulted ... buds emerged from female genitalia! - International news: nikkansports.com

Up illegal parking image of coin parking → "Do I have to stepping on a green plate? I think you should not stepped on if you have obstacles" - Togetter Summary

Funny results of curious cats are interesting

The painful news (No ∀ `): 【Image】 The face of Christ was found from Japanese matcha roll cake! ... English - Livedoor blog

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
A woman without congenital birth gives birth, one world transplant photograph from the donor after the first menopause International international news: AFPBB News

Shinkin: National universities are now in trouble (acceptance)

There is no need to panic with the carcinogenicity problem of "acrylic acid" in "many potatoes" | FOOCOM.NET

The draft evaluation draft examined at the meeting has already been published and states that "This acrylic amide was judged to be a carcinogen with genotoxicity as this specialized study meeting." A major problem of the Mainichi newspaper article is an explanation of this genotoxic carcinogen. "Acrylamide has brought about a change in the structure of genes and chromosomes, and it has been evaluated as a carcinogen, which can also affect the next generation."

This description is strange. The Food Safety Commission does not explain like this.

Why is it fooled by "fake medicine"? / "In order not to be deceived by" fake medicine "" Author · NATROM interview | SYNODOS - Synodos -

Volcano researcher, only 40 people nationwide Employment reduction fewer students: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

On launch time and launch time zone of JAXA | H-IIA Launch Vehicle No. 25 on stationary weather satellite "Himawari-8" (Himawari-8)

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
"A man who tried to cross the train under the railroad crossed and crashed dead" News i - TBS video news site

A painful news (No ∀ `): A man who tried to cross the railroad crossing under the emergency stopped train and was killed by a moving train ... Kanagawa - Livedoor blog

Injuries: Prime Minister 's Assistant for Punching with a Famous Brick Arrest a Private Secretary - Mainichi Newspaper

Bankruptcy increased for the first time in five months September yen depreciation against raw material high, medium and small hit: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Prince George "tangled" British royal family, photographer warning letter Warning letter photograph International news: AFPBB News

Painful news (No ∀ `): social critic Ryozo Ozawa severely condemns the discontinuation of Ontake's rescue" The SDF is not an army "- Livedoor blog

The painful news (No ∀ `): Daughter of the Hong Kong executive secretary, demonstrating the demonstrators and on the great flame ..." Those things I bought with tax for my beautiful shoes and dresses ... Thank you! "" People who attack me are unemployed "- Livedoor blog

"Why did the shop leave the warfare game? Learn from a long-established store in the Internet era" Marketing not to fight "- ICHIROYA's blog

NHB News on Nobel Peace Prize "Japan National People with Article 9 Constitution"

"Comfort women comfort women" to investigate ways to disseminate overseas by misinformation NHK News

Yukio Tomioka Yukio Tomioka Professor Emeritus Professor Emeritus of the Chuo University "Giant Companies That Do not Pay Tax": Market Status Kabushi All-Stars 2 Story

Giant companies are also paying taxes. - A diary for free. Ver 2

Sase suspect of Sasebo father, suicide? - 47 NEWS (Yoana News)

Plant factory boom arrival Stable vegetable price and quality stability, Japan's technological exploitation overseas expansion and regional activation acceleration | Business Journal

[Sad news] Japan will fall into a stagflation in the future: philosophy news nwk

ASCII.jp: Venture Revolution to Watch Industry Price Destruction by "UNIQLO Formula"

The movement is made in Citizen, the case is a thin design with a thickness of 6.5 mm. Use hard sapphire glass for the face. Easy levers were provided on the strap, making it easy to replace the strap.

When ordering from the Internet, you can choose a case and a strap, respectively, and it is a mechanism that you can buy your own "ultimate one".

Prime Minister "Utilizing Robots to Reduce Population" Motivation at International Conference: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Tokyo newspaper: a range of obvious danger "exactly plain" prime minister, unclear answer: politics (TOKYO Web)

Self pictures at Muslim pilgrimage "Hajj" are two controversial pictures International News: AFPBB News

Marburg fever in Uganda 1 person death 80 people isolated, the same symptoms as Ebola fever | Reuters

Movie release of the search for Mt. Ontaki by the SDF - YouTube

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
Nix in desertis: "Examination world history (university entrance examination problem series)" which can not be solved absolutely comes out

Q. What kind of book is it? What is the purpose?
A. As stated in the subtitle, it is a book that contains explanations and explanations of bad questions, super difficulties, and mistakes in the college entrance examination. It contains a wide range of serious and difficult problems that can not be solved, problems that collapsed Japanese, simple misprints, and laughable problems.
1. To appeal to the world the freshness of creating entrance exam questions
2. Collect the case examples of the question mistake and provide it to the quizz
3. Laughing off evil questions and supporting the examinees of those students at the time
4. To provide challenges to world history world mania
As its main objective.

Gap of the world's rich and poor expanded to the level of the 1820s OECD 1 photo International News: AFPBB News

The painful news (No ∀ `): Government announces that the ingredients contained in potato chips etc. are genotoxic carcinogens - Livedoor blog

Boy's high school student but I went to see my real father: Kini speed

Today when I got on a train with my 4-year-old daughter I fought with an Alasarish girlfriend: leisure time \ (^ o ^) / Breaking News - livedoor blog

Well I was misunderstood as kidnapping

Arasar "This person's father?"
My daughter "Maybe"

It started from this conversation. First of all, it is useless to say "this person"

In the end I was supposed to talk over station staff
Arasar cried

I bought a bicycle around Hokkaido so I took pictures (200 pictures)

"Healthy meal" Mark dedicated to convenience box lunch etc. NHK News

For example, taking staple foods from 40 grams to 70 grams of "carbohydrates", and for side dishes, in addition to 10 grams to 17 grams of "protein", together with two or more kinds of "vegetables" such as green yellow vegetables We have set to include 100 to 200 grams.
In addition, we are requesting that energy per meal should be kept to less than 650 kilocalories.

BBC says "Why do Japanese cease to go to the sea after September?" - "British news, jobs, events, columns, restaurants, British life information magazine - UK News digest

A woman's list of hobbies wwwwwwwwwwwwww: Aja-do

Ssig33.com - Hara Jiro research group

People from now to prepare for the typhoon - Togetter Summary

At GIGAZINE "I have been going to a shop drinking shop "Matsuba" close to Osaka station because it seems to be closed at the end of September - GIGAZINEReported as "and so on.

◆ IT · Gadget (Net · Soft · Hard · Mobile)
Activate EC 2 instance with Ansible and register Public DNS in Route 53 - Shin x blog

Continue efforts to extract engineering manager theory and learning - Wazanova | wazanova

About choosing iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus and iPhone 5 S (Ehoshin) - Individual - Yahoo! News

Line 1: Error: Invalid Blog ('by Esehara') When I become a programmer, I will summarize the difficulties to learn by self-study of web application development - Line 1: Error:

Krypton | "Hatsune Miku V3" starts download sale at SONICWIRE!

Adult search engine 'Boodigo' launched by public Google employees :: SEM R (# SEMR)

Basic information If you take the technician you will change your life: Copipe Information Office

[Handwriting] How to make a LINE stamp with a mobile application Teaching: Kini speed

Dentsu to build a private marketplace in the Internet advertising market - News Release List - News - Dentsu

As a new initiative in the Japanese Internet advertising market, Dentsu Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Naoshi Ishii) has adopted a technology such as Ad Exchange * 1 (DoubleClick Ad Exchange) that can select premium inventory owned by Google We will make full use of activities to build Private Market Place (hereinafter "PMP") which forms medium centered on limited value added premium inventory owned by media company.

Toshiba: Press Release (2014-10-06): On Development of Humanoid Communication Robot

The new robot is a humanoid robot that has a human appearance such as texture of the skin and movements of eyes.

Industry's First Develops 7.0-inch Tablet Terminal with MEMS-IGZO Display | News Release: Sharp

By combining Pixtronix 's MEMS display technology and our IGZO technology, we realized lower power consumption and higher color reproducibility than conventional liquid crystal displays. In addition, it is possible to switch to the optimum display mode according to the usage scenes and contents, such as high-brightness mode which can clearly display even under outside light and grayscale / monochrome mode which displays with power saving.

KDDI President Tanaka Announces Release Date of "Firefox OS" -Based Smartphone - YouTube

About postponement of deletion start of archive video Ustream Asia Inc. | Notice

For deletion of archived images (past programs) that have already passed 30 days since it was saved on September 30, 2014, deletion start will be postponed until November 1, 2014 I will.

Customers who wish to keep archive images will be requested to apply for "Ustream Biz" or "Ad-free Plus" by October 31, or download them by themselves.

We deeply apologize for the inconvenience to our customers.

IT with a radius of 300 meters: Good-bye ADSL - Business Media Makoto

A letter has arrived at our house. I was informed of the end of ADSL service. What was recommended as a changeover destination line ......

Report of investigation results on this hacking incident - EmEditor (text editor)

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UBW Mr. Nasu Mushroom Professor Summary - Togetter Summary

This is the first episode of G's Reconfigura seven points - Gundam - Kushihotecho - Animation & amp; Creation -

"Book store in Denki town" I saw one episode - What is the attractiveness of water asa and works! That's not it! ~ - I do not want to say, but I am a Blue Man

Imas Live in Tokyo gymnasium ☆ | Smile Days

RPG keeps worrying about choice. Free Game "Lord-light · Face"? Mogura Games

Magical Story Kyu Kyoku Dai 1-2-3 & A · R · S / Retro Game Comprehensive Distribution Site, Project EGG

I watched the poker competition with a participation fee of 100 million yen so I will p - golden times

【There is a picture】 To Love-Ru's Yabuki and a collaboration erotic cartoonist Ishi Megumi wwww: Leisure time \ (^ o ^) / Breaking News - Livedoor blog

Personal summary of drama completion "Aoi Honoyo" and private opinion on Mr. Kazuhiko Shimamoto ~ (Drama rebroadcasted at BS!) - Invisible Dojo Honpo

Learning from the cover of the manga "Advance giants", composition of paintings - Ust's Diary

Ingress (Ingress) breaking news: The greatest typhoon in the past 10 years hits Honshu! At that time Ingress player ...

Isozaka Koji talks about Garpun · Ship "" I think it is good as an introduction "- Real Live

"Durarara !! × 2 acceptance" PV 01 - YouTube

Ten big projects commemorating the 10th anniversary of Kamike praising, <10th> Heavy object is decided to be TV animation! PV first public! - YouTube

PS3 / PSVita "Sword Art Online - Lost Song -" Tiza PV - YouTube

"Sword Art · Online II" New chapter rush notification video - YouTube

Pre-screening in December 2014! Anime "Kidori no Onsho" New Work OAD Special Report (Autumn ver.) - YouTube

【KINGDOM HEARTS - HD 2.5 ReMIX -】 Path to completion of illustration: Making movie - YouTube

[MH4G] "Tobidase Animal Crossing" collaboration introduction video - YouTube

Wonderful Wonder World * (MV Full Ver.) - YouTube

Love Live on November 21! TV Animation 2nd Phase BD Volume 6 Privilege μ's Original Song CD 6 Listen Videos - YouTube

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Speaking of a home run in a retirement match? : Nikkan Yakiniku Bulletin

Jules Bianchi, Emergency Surgery with Serious Head Trauma: FIA Official Presentation 【F1-Gate.com】

Noda Toda, the reason for starting interpreting was the lack of film critic Mr. Haruro Mizuno - Cinema Today

What is the Rooney rule to be introduced in England? | Football channel | Football information full load!

Director of FC Tokyo Fedkadenti "The average technique level of Japanese players is much higher than Italy": footballnet [Football Summary]

Matsumoto Jun supporting the storm concert production Verify its production ability - Real Sound | Real sound

President of Monex Securities (50 years old) Matsumoto Daigaku "We will marry Ohue Mariko, I will tell you all" | Wisdom of wisdom | Modern business [Kodansha]

Khronnes surprise accident death, left forelimb fracture - horse race news: nikkansports.com

Following brother Valentin Maxim's older brother Eglinski is EPO positive | cyclowired

Former Nikkei reporter Suzuki Ryumi who was exposed "Boyfriend" "AV actress history" urgent contribution! | Rediscover the knowledge of LITERA / Litera books and magazines

Toshinobu Nishikawa, merit "breeze" to be blown on "wind" (T.M. Revolution) News - ORICON STYLE -

Anno Hideaki, "For me it's all my work" Reveal the reason not to mention the Eva series! 【The 27th Tokyo International Film Festival】 (1/2) - Cinema Today

Matsu Takako Kohaku "Anna Snow" NHK 100% Confidence - Nikkan Sports Entertainment News - Asahi Shimbun Digital & M

Yoshimoto Kogyo established film company - Cinema Today

Domestica blog: Nissan stadium surrounds flooded due to heavy rain

【Story of "here only" by Keiichi Takagi】 AKB 48 finally arrives at "Red flag" Nakatsuka Uchiyama "Constitution is deep thing ..." Aim is to take partisan party ... (1/5 page) - Sankei News

Nadeshiko Chiba's former coach Superintendent innocence / football bulletin / daily sports online

Treve Qatar Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe 2014 - YouTube

Cup noodle web limited movie Japanese traditional art "hot water bath" / ostrich club - YouTube

◆ New product (clothing / food / housing)
"Nissin's Tonnage noodles horse miso spicy miso tan men" (released on October 20) | Nissin Food Group

"Luxury Mitsuya Nagano Prefecture's Giant Peap" New Release | News Release 2014 | Company Information | Asahi Beverages

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