HP is expected to cut off its PC / Printer division and become a spin off company

HP (Hewlett-Packard), a leading computer-related product, is expected to spin off into two parts, PC / Printer Division and Business Hardware / Services Department,Wall Street JournalReported.

HP, to separate presentation of personal computer / printer business - WSJ

HP Plans to Break Itself Into Two, Enterprise and PCs | Re / code

The purpose of HP spun off has been considered to be to concentrate management resources on hardware and services for businesses that have grown significantly in recent years by separating the printer business. In addition, current · HPMeg WhitmanCEO will be president of the PC / printer business and will stay at CEO of business hardware / services business.

Regarding HP's business restructuring, plans to separate and separate the PC division were announced in 2011, but the separation plan was canceled under the Meg Whitman posture, which took office afterwards as CEO. Three years later, the PC division seems to be separated with the integrated printer division.

In recent years, there are companies that successively acquire other companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc. to expand their business, while some companies select and concentrate management resources by shrinking oversized businesses, 2014 9 Ebay, the leading Internet auction site, announced the spin-off of electronic payment service PayPal on 30th. HP also seems to concentrate management resources on services for business by separating consumer PC / printer business.

Regarding the spinning off of HP, it was officially announced on October 6, 2014 (local time) as early as possible, and a detailed plan was explained at a meeting with financial analysts in San Jose, California on October 8 It is planned.

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