Google's "Project Ara" to make smartphones by combining parts of my favorite function has been discontinued

Google's parts recombination smartphone development project "Project AraSpeaking of it,Google I / O 2016A more realistic shift to the terminal line, release of the edition for developers in the latter half of 2016, and a product release for the general public in 2017 were announced. But,VentureBeatYaReutersThe media reports that the project is temporarily suspended.

Google confirms suspension of Ara modular smartphone project | VentureBeat | Mobile | by Harrison Weber

Exclusive: Google shelves plan for phone with interchangeable parts - sources | Reuters

Project Ara's parts recombination smartphone is a project aiming at the ultimate degree of freedom that users can customize smartphones freely by recombining parts. Anyway, it is possible to customize the smartphone freely and easily according to the usage of the user by loading a lot of batteries, making it possible to drive for a long time, installing multiple speakers, or replacing the camera module according to the subject It was the point of Project Ara.

Although it was revealed that such project Ara is promoting module development with major companies such as Panasonic, Toshiba, Micron, Samsung, Sony, the sources concerning the project are "Project is in an interruption state" It is revealed. In Google I / O 2016 held in May 2016, "I will release Ara for developers edition in the fall of 2016", but as the information that the project is suspended, if the release is released The possibility of being postponed will be high.

According to what has been reported, there is a movement to unify various hardware such as Chromebook and Nexus series which Google is developing, behind the background of Google's Project Ara being suspended . This movement means that in April 2016 Motorola's former CEO Rick Osterley returned to GoogleBecame obviousIt is known that multiple organizations such as Nexus, Chromecast, Pixel C, OnHub, ATAP (Project Ara's development department), Google Glass, etc. are supervised by a single organization.

The concept of "parts recombination smartphone" gave a great impact to the IT industry. Also, by replacing parts, it is possible to renew the hardware, so it is expected that the product life of the smartphone will be extended and the waste of electronic equipment will be reduced. However, because recombination parts are expensive, in some cases it was also thought that "Is it difficult to form a market?"

In addition, it is also clear that Google is developing its own Android terminal different from the Nexus series.

It is clear that Google is a policy to develop its own Android terminal which is not "Nexus" series - GIGAZINE

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