"Bear Bravo" to PR the 2017 Taipei Universiade is too cute

Winning medals at the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020 may be a competitor in the Taipei Universiade Games in 2017. At the Rio Olympics which closed the curtain the other day, the Japanese team won 41 medals in history and all the archipelagoes got excited a lot. There are many people who have looked forward to the Tokyo Olympics in 4 years. If it is, it is necessary to check the Universiade in the summer of 2017.

Hello,Takuya SAITO who ran 130,000 km with 150 countries @ Challer Manis. Visited Taiwan in July 2016, which became the second consecutive year for the second consecutive year. A new bear character was active in Taipei City. The new face that was not in the last year was the PR character of the Universiade.

◆ Universiade
UniversiadeIs an international general event for sports targeting students and is said to be "Olympic Games for Students" and is held every two years. In Japan, it has been held in Tokyo, Kobe, Fukuoka and Sapporo (winter).

Following Kazan (Russia) in 2013, Gwangju (Korea) in 2015, the 29th summer Universiade will be held in Taipei (Taiwan) in 2017. In Chinese, it seems to be "Taipei World Otsukaichi Kaikai". There is also a way to abbreviate "Taebuku Great Truck".

At Taipei Universiade, which began on August 19, 2017,
· 14 mandatory competitions: land, basketball, fencing, soccer, gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, judo, table tennis, taekwondo, tennis, volleyball, swimming, dive, water polo
· Selection competitions 7 events: archery, badminton, baseball, golf, roller skating, weightlifting, martial arts
· Public competition 1st event: Billiards
The total of 22 kinds of fighting will be fought.

◆ Bear Bravo
It is a character of a bear named "Bear Bravo" to serve this Taipei Universiade's PR. I am troubled how to read "Xióng zàn". In Japanese, "Kuma bravo" is perfect, but how to call is not clear. Although I was treated as an intern at first, I was evaluated steadily and now I am working as an official mascot.

PR Character of Taipei Univa, going to hang out at various locations Aim for graduation from "Trainee" / Taiwan | Society | Central Company Focus Taiwan

Taipei Univa, Coming Soon Sports love "Kuma bravo" outgoing | Journal | United Daily Newspaper Web

Taipei City government's "(PDF)Bear small draft"There is a profile on the page called.

Wild in the central mountains of TaiwanTaiwan Asian black bearBecause people inhabit, Taiwanese people love Kuma characters. For that reason the Universiade this time was also adopting a bear character.

There was always two faces in "Kumarukura Bravo", which always consisted of "illustration" of profile and front face.

◆ Illustration figure
I saw an illustration of Kumasaki Bravo by walking around Taipei City. Illustrations are playing various sports to make the Universiade next summer exciting.






martial arts

Weight increase



This is the only thing that I found, but there are 22 illustrations of illustrations to be carried out.

Type of Competition - 2017 Taipei World University Olympic Games

It is not just sports.

Bonbon and wink

With megaphone in both hands.


Torch Runner

This illustration also features, with face always facing sideways like Crayon Shin-chan and pepper pig.

◆ Costume figure
Although this is Kumaki Bravo, it has also appeared in various events in Taipei in costume form. Unlike the illustration, it was the first impression of "subtle eyes and subtle", but it is strange that it seems to be pretty enough to observe it. Now totally captivated. I was doing activities that followed Kumamoto's Kumamon.

There is also a facebook page.

Kumao Bravo

The Instagram also has the tag "Bear Bravo".

Photographs submitted by Bear BRAVO (@ bravo.tpe)-

Photo submitted by 506 (@ allmine_ 0721)-

Photographs submitted by Bear BRAVO (@ bravo.tpe)-

There is also a movie.

Kuma Kuala Education Division: 桌球 篇 - YouTube

Maiko Takashi Utsukushi Big Big Kumaki Bravo - YouTube

20160815 中 中 天 新聞 I missive 熊 大! Terrible Good Luck "Bear" Crazy Popularity - YouTube

The Taipei Universiade is one year before its opening. Taiwan in the summer of next year is going to get pretty hot.

(Sentence / photo: Takuya S. Narou Charriderman
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