Sukiya stops late-night sales of 1167 shops, which is 60% of the whole, changed company name to "Suki family headquarters Co., Ltd."

A progress report on the reform for improving the working environment of "Sukiya" stores was released, in which Zensho Co., Ltd. announced that the company name will be changed to "Suki family headquarters", and the reasons for that were also touched It is.

"Sukiya" Efforts toward improving the work environment | Zensho ZENSHO

【PDF file】 On the progress of reform for improving the working environment of "Sukiya"

According to the release, Zensho operates the meat business, noodle business, ramen business, cafe business, etc. besides the "Sukiya" business, but as of October 1, the company other than "Sukiya" is operated by Zen Shaw Co., Ltd. We will succeed to a 100% subsidiary, A · Dining Co., Ltd. by company split, and accordingly change the company name of Zensho Corporation to "Suki family headquarters", and specialize in both the name and "Sukiya" business .

Apart from that, we announced that it will be carried out by the end of September, regarding the establishment of a multiple working system at midnight (0 o'clock - 5 o'clock) as being an urgent issue from the viewpoint of crime prevention and labor management as well Although it was doing, it is said that established a new multiple work schedule as follows.

◆ Establishment of multiple working hours at midnight
As of October 1, established a multiple working system at midnight at 589 stores out of the 1981 "Sukiya" nationwide. Starting October 1, this 589 stores are open 24 hours a day, and at 87 other stores 24 hours a day depending on the day of the week. In stores that can not establish multiple work systems, we will temporarily suspend late-night business.

Regarding stores that temporarily suspend business at midnight, we are planning to introduce a security system of a machine security company in order to strengthen the crime prevention system of unattended stores, but as a result, 1167 shops, which are 60% of the total, open late at night We are in a situation of stopping.

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